Eats Chow Chew's Extraordinary Rice Bowls - Must Try!

Eat Chow Chew's Extraordinary Rice Bowl Selections - Must Try!

If you are looking for something that will give your buds some refreshing jolt, Eats Chow Chew (@eatschowchew) is something I’d recommend. With their fusion concept, you’d definitely be in for a treat. In this blog post, we'll be checking out two of their dishes that I was able to try. Both of which are extraordinarily delish! 

The way I discovered Eats Chow Chew was something one-of-its-kind. It just so happened that my sister unexpectedly won the said resto's give-away guessing game in IG. As a reward, she got two of their dishes, to which my sister happily shared with the rest of us. 

Crazy Crab Fried Rice of Eats Chow Chew

When the dishes arrived, my eyes immediately fixated on these goodies, especially with how tantalizingly sumptuous they appeared. With that, I hurriedly took my camera to capture their beauty. 

The Crazy Crab Fried Rice is indeed something to be crazy for! It has this bountiful serving of fresh crab meat, the ambrosia of this dish. The rice underneath the carpet of scrambled egg was also delicious on its own. It comes with two different sauces that gave it some Mediterranean hint and kick.  

Eats Chow Chew - Crazy Crab Fried Rice

Here's an alternative look when you take a portion and transfer it on a plate. See how indulgent it is with all the fiesta of ingredients? Wait 'til you take a bite. 

Eatschowcew IG Food Business Delicious - Must Try!

The Punk Tartare, though has no crazy in its name, is out-of-this-world crazy! Let the photo below speak for itself.

Punk Tartare of Eats Chow Chew Restaurant

First off, let me just note how dreamy melty the steak was. That on its own was a magnificent treat. But once you mix it with the citrus and a bit of hummus on the sides, you'd reach cloud nine. We did. All I can say is that this is totally a must-try! That can even be an understatement.

Punk Tartare of Eats Chow Chew IG Resto

If this is making your mouth water, better check their IG page here for quick reference and get yourself some chowper delicious rice bowls:

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