Diao Eng Chay's (DEC) Fresh Lumpia, Kikiam and Kiampeng

Diao Eng Chay's (DEC) Fresh Lumpia, Siomai and Kiampeng

Being partly Chinese myself, I crave for some authentic Chinese food from time to time, and although a lot of food shops and restaurant claim that they are authentic, not all seem to really appeal to my palate. However, there's one that I'm loving very much lately, and that is Diao Eng Chay

Every other week, my father comes home with some sort of haul from Diao Eng Chay, and this often includes fresh lumpia, kikiam, siomai (wasn't able to take a photo) and kiampeng. This will make us all excited to take 'em out of the plastic bags, and binge on them! 

Diao Eng Chay's Fresh Lumpia

The Fresh Lumpia stands by its name when it comes to freshness. It's very authentic as this is how my grandmother used to prepare and cook this dish herself. There's richness in the variety of vegetables included in its, and all gives this crisp bite -- an indication of freshness. The sauce is rightly sweet enhancing the flavors even more! Excellent. 

Diao Eng Chay's Kikiam

The Kikiam is another stellar choice. It's great either fried or heated via oven toaster (I prefer the latter). It has this harmonious blend of Chinese spices that gives the meat a jolt of savory taste for every bite. Hands down. A family favorite!

Diao Eng Chay's Delicious and Authentic Kikiam

While I currently don't have a picture for it, the Diao Eng Chay's siomai is another classic that you should try. Each piece is hefty in meat, and I couldn't sense any fillers to it (if ever there's any, it's negligible). Same with the kikiam, the flavors all seeped into the meat fibers, and once you take a bite, these locked-in flavors ooze out along with its juiciness. Excellent.

Diao Eng Chay's Chinese-Style Fried Rice - Kiampeng

Last for this haul is the Kiampeng with Taro. It's my younger brother's favorite, and it surely is good (probably not as good as how my grandmother cooks it), but still nostalgic. There's a good variety of mushrooms, nuts and spices which make this savory as well. This goes well with either the siomai or kikiam (but why not both?). 

Diao Eng Chay can be found in Salazar St., Binondo Manila and can be reached via telephone number of 8244-8816. There's also another branch in Wilson St. of San Juan, Metro Manila with telephone number of 8721-1105.

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