Early Bird's Modern All-Day Breakfast in Robinsons Manila

Early Bird's Modern All-Day Breakfast in Robinsons Manila

Over the years, the food scene in Robinsons Manila has been blooming. Before, we used to have only a couple to choose from, but now the entire stretch of Pedro Gil is lined up with modern selection which includes Bad Bird, Lugang, Scout's Honor and Soban to name a few. However, sometimes in the multitude of options we tend to be overwhelmed, and sometimes too saturated. Hence, if you want a refresher perhaps something a little more healthy, you may want to check out Early Bird.

Interior of Early Bird in Robinsons Manila

Feels like a garden
Early Bird comes in this strikingly vibrant pink mellowed down by the garden-y elements such as the greens and wooden elements in its furniture. All of these help in creating this serene comforting vibe making it excellent for casual meet ups and barkada catch ups.

Early Bird Restaurant in Robinsons Place Ermita

There's a bit of novelty here in Early Bird given that their menu comes in a form of a newspaper. It helps reinforce the idea of Early Bird as an all-day breakfast hub. There are also swing-like chairs to sit on which really adds up the playful garden vibes.

Garden-like ambiance of Early Bird in Robinsons Place Ermita

Early Bird's selections are considerably lean with about 3-5 dishes in each category. Most are really geared towards the concept of all day breakfast and/or something healthy.

For this dining experience which was with two of my friends, we had a soup and 3 personal dishes.

Tomato Soup of Early Bird in Robinsons Place Manila

The Tomato Soup (P145) was a bowlful, and sulit given the serving size. Creamy, tangy and subtly sweet.

Buttermilk Chicken of Early Bird, Robinsons Place

The Buttermilk Chicken (P295) captivated with its playful crunch and juicy core. It also had this light sweetness giving it an exciting bite. The sauce however left me puzzled. It felt non-complimentary. Not detrimental, but definitely not reinforcing. Still, I'd recommend this dish. 

Early Bird Set Meal - buttermilk chicken, grilled cheese, spaghetti

The Early Bird Set Meal (P295) had a huge potential in showcasing what Early Bird has to offer. The pasta was excellent given its tangy tomato goodness, while the buttermilk chicken was great just as described. Had the grilled cheese sandwich been less bread-y, this would have been a completely stellar meal in my book. Still, a great dish, and if you are a pasta person, I'd recommend their full serving of the spaghetti.  

Classic Bacon and Eggs of Early Bird, Robinsons Manila

The Classic Bacon and Eggs (P245) was plated excellently. Classy and simple. Maybe too simple given the price. Still, undeniably comforting!

Early Bird - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: The ratings reflect my collective personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Ambiance: ★★★★
Taste: ★★★
Service: ★★★
Price/Value: ★★★★
Budget: approx. P250 each for a personal meal
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of latest visit - February 1, 2019

Early Bird is a potential refresher should you feel all saturated with the current offerings in Robinsons Manila. With its playful garden-y ambiance, you are sure to feel relaxed as you enjoy a comfort dish or two. When it comes to the menu, there is some sort of similarity with Pancake House, however the experience is altogether different given the plating and the ambiance. Taste-wise, food was slightly above what we expected, though fell a little short in hitting that wow-level. Service was also generally warm, but may need to be more attentive in order to further pull up the overall experience.

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Early Bird
Location: G/F Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Manila, Malate, Manila
Service Charge: 10% before VAT
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