Learn How to Bake Pastries in Enderun Extension, Taguig

Learn How to Bake Pastries in Enderun Extension, Taguig

I recently took a short course in Enderun Extension, and a lot of my friends started asking about the experience. Apparently, a lot of them are interested in taking short pastry courses, but just don't know where to enroll. Hence, I'm writing this blog post to share more about how my experience went. 

Ducasse Education Philippines - Enderun Extension

Enderun College vs Enderun Extension: what's the difference?
First, let me try to share a light on Enderun Extension, which is literally an extension of Enderun College. Simply put, Enderun College is meant for full-blown formal courses (similar to a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management), while Enderun Extension is meant for the public who wants to explore culinary and baking through shorter courses, which can even be as short as 1 day. In essence, both are the same since they teach the same principles.

Though it's still possible to get diploma courses under Enderun Extension.

Kitchen and baking tools in Enderun Extension

Perks of Enrolling in Enderun Extension
  • The methodology (concepts, techniques and procedures) taught during the short courses are similar with what is taught in Enderun College. The facilities are also same.
  • You'll get to have more hands-on experience given that you'll only work in pairs.
  • Enderun has a complete industrial equipment from kitchen tools to machines.
  • Ingredients are already measured up which allows you to focus more on the procedures.
  • Rooms are installed with air-conditioning units.
  • Procedures are accurate and well-organized.
Pastry Classroom in Enderun Extension/College

Gluten and Lactose-Free 1-Day Pastry Class
The class I took was a 1-day pastry class which catered to a specialized niche -- gluten and lactose-free. This class started 8:30 AM and ended close to 1:30 PM (this schedule applies to most of the other classes and usually falls on a Saturday).

We were given a cap, apron and recipe sheets as a starter kit.

Hands-on teaching for a basic pastry class - Enderun Extension

The class itself was interactive, and the chef was very accommodating in answering your questions or other curiosities. In fact, everyone was encouraged to ask questions so we can better understand the recipes and how to follow them well.

Working by pairs in Enderun Extension - Pastry Class

The format starts off with the chef doing an actual demo, and then will ask the students to repeat the procedures on their own stations. Fret not because the chef still roams around to assist.

Gluten and Lactose-Free Raspberry Chocolate Pound Cake
Gluten and Lactose-Free Strawberry Shortcake

There were 2 major recipes we learned during the class: (1) raspberry chocolate pound cake and (2) strawberry shortcake. The tea time financier recipe was given as bonus.

Tea Time Financiers Recipe from Enderun Extension

Interested in the recipes? You can read more about these gluten and lactose-free desserts through the dedicated articles I wrote. See links below:
  1. Raspberry Chocolate Pound Cake - indulgent yet not overwhelming sweet marked by mild coconut taste
  2. Strawberry Shortcake - amazingly creamy despite being lactose-free, with balanced sweetness that allows you to finish off a slice in seconds
  3. Tea Time Financiers - remarkably fruity sweet from the mango puree, and has this fun light crispness

Pastry Classmates Gluten and Lactose Free Desserts, Enderun

After the short course, I was given a certificate as an evidence that I was able to hone my skills here in Enderun Extension. It was heartwarming, and I felt like something deep within me was satisfied.

Renz Cheng with Chef Letie, Enderun Extension

If you have a passion for baking and want to have a great starting point, Enderun Extension will be the right place for you. To learn more about the courses offered and the schedules, you may visit their website at https://www.enderunextension.com/ or their Facebook page - Enderun Extension. Rate of one (1) session may range from P5,000 to P8,000 depending on the topic/course.
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