Karaoke Fun in Nihonbashi Tei, Makati City

Karaoke Fun in Nihonbashi Tei, Makati City

Nihonbashi Tei, or what we normally call “Nihon”, has been a barkada favorite. I can’t remember the number of memories we had in this place. Back when I was still working in Makati, we would end up walking about 20 minutes under intense heat just to have something “nice” to eat. Also, whenever we had badminton games, we would have pre-midnight snack here at around 11:00 PM. There were also several in-betweens, but my point is, I dined here more than 20 times already, and it’s now a classic for us.

Karaoke Rooms in Nihonbashi Tei near Don Bosco

I wrote a blog post on Nihon already (circa 2013), but I’m dedicating another post, so I can share with you that they have Karaoke rooms as well, though they are not as great as the standard Karaoke establishments (such as Centerstage, Music 21 and etc).

Nihonbashi Tei Karaoke Nights in Makati

Those who dined in Nihon before would still be surprise that the restaurant actually has Karaoke rooms available. The reason why you were not able to notice is that they have a separate access/entrance for them. You’ll find this by walking to your right just before entering the restaurant proper. You’ll see stairs leading to second floor. Take that one, and you’ll reach the Karaoke rooms.

Famous Spicy Salmon Sashimi of Nihonbashi Tei

Karaoke Rooms in Nihonbashi Tei
There are about 6-8 karaoke rooms here which are all comfy. Temperature is constantly cold during the night, so you may want to bring jackets. It can really get super cold especially when you’ll be planning to stay more than 3 hours. As for facilities, there are a few rooms that have two microphones, but most have only one.

Karaoke Singing in Nihonbashi Tei, Makati

Karaoke Rooms Rates in Nihonbashi Tei
What you need to consider though is that there is a P70 per person per hour charge for the usage of the karaoke room (regardless of whether you’ll eat or even sing). Given the charging and the presence of only 1 microphone, I highly suggest that you limit your size to 4-5 pax. If you go beyond this number, it’s no longer “sulit” to avail it here, and it will be smarter, money-wise, to just book a room in karaoke establishments. Although of course, here in Nihonbashi Tei, you can make sure that you’ll enjoy the food, unlike in other karaoke places where the food is just something that will just fix your hunger.

Shannen, Edna, Renz and Mika in Nihonbashi Tei

Karaoke Operating Hours
The karaoke facility here in Nihonbashi Tei opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 1:00 AM. Reservations are highly recommended to ensure availability of rooms especially on a Friday night. Yes, it's possible, unlike in other places where they only accept walk-ins.

Emil, Jieza, Almae and Alvin in Nihonbashi Tei

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