Street Food at Night in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Street Food at Night in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

For our Hong Kong Travel this 2017, we found ourselves extremely lucky to have street food options just a few walk away from where we stayed in Wan Chai.

Street Food at Night in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Street food in Hong Kong
I've been to Hong Kong three times as an adult, and for each, I never failed to try some street food. Well, that's because it's something very unique to Hong Kong. In fact, despite the plethora of Chinese restaurants, it's very rare to find these in our country. Hence, if you happen to know where we can find it here, please don't hesitate to share it with us by commenting in this post.

Ada Street food in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Two street food stalls in Wan Chai
I'm pretty sure there are more than 2 shops offering street food in Wan Chai, but I'm referring to the area just within walking distance from our place. This actually got us pretty excited, since with just a minute of walking, we already have access to Hong Kong street food.

Street Food 1986 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Street Food 1986 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The first stall (goes by the name Ada) operates in a point-and-pay manner, applicable if you happen to be a tourist. Everything is in Chinese, so it's difficult to read from their menu. So, just take a glance of what's offered and just eye for something "appetizing". The second stall (called Street Food 1986) has an English signage as well as menu, so we labeled this as the more tourist-friendly stall. The people manning their stall are all friendly and accommodating, so we didn't have any problem ordering whatever we liked.

Street Food 1986 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Street Food 1986 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Street food prices may range from 8 HKD to 20 HKD per stick depending on the meat. For this night street food experience, we were able to try 6 different "dishes".

Octopus on a stick Hong Kong Street Food

We started the night slow with an Octopus on a stick (12 HKD per stick). It was as great as I remembered it the last time I had it in Mong Kok, about a year ago. Unfortunately, in the two stalls we visited, the "Mustard Wasabi" sauce failed to match that of in Mongkok. You can read more about my experience there through this post - Street Food at Night in Mong Kok

Rolled Intestine Street Food of Hong Kong

The next one we had was the Rolled Intestine on a stick (12 HKD per stick). Actually, I really do not know where this is made of, but all I know is that are made of something similar. This one had a strong distinct taste with rather interesting texture. Think of isaw, but flatter and more chewy. 

Sausage Street Food in Hong Kong

For those not bold enough to try something new, you can have the boring old Sausages (10 HKD per stick). Actually, it's still very interesting. The outer coating of the sausage was very crisp.

Bubble Wrap Waffle in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Another "safe" street food is the Bubble Waffle (10 HKD). Well, there's nothing particular with the taste, but it's just fun to experience munching on this in Hong Kong.

Chicken Street Food in Hong Kong
Melle, Emil, Jieza and Alvin in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Chicken lovers will enjoy the Chicken Wings (20 HKD for 5 pcs) with its savory sauce. It's like buffalo wings street food.

Beancurd Skin on a stick, Hong Kong Street Food

Last but definitely not the least (and could even be the best for the night) was the Beancurd Skin (8HKD per stick). The skin despite absorbing the satay-like sauce was still firm (but not though). It was definitely a bomb! 

A Not-So-Popular Kid with Mika and Anna in Hong Kong

Wan Chai Street Food- Overall Ratings and Summary

Budget: at least HKD 16 (or approx P110) each for a mix of HK street food

Street food in Wan Chai is possibly cheaper than in other parts of Hong Kong (i.e. taking the case of Mongkok). All you need is to have about HKD 16 and you are good to go already. Street food here in HK is something you should not miss!

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Ada and Street Food 1986

Location: Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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