The Food Hive - a paradise for adventurous foodies (Video)

The Food Hive - a paradise for adventurous foodies

Food Parks are very much "in" nowadays. One food park pops out and the next thing you'll know, another one just did. But hey, we're not complaining. It just means we, foodies, get more and more options everyday. Time to explore! 

Interior of The Food Hive - Food Park

Just a few months ago, one food park opened up in Quezon City. It goes by the name The Food Hive. The interesting thing about this park is the unconventional fixation of the container vans within the area. It gives the same feels with that of traditional food trucks, but made all cozy and chill with the set-up. Now, you can enjoy various selections without the hassle and discomfort of being under the sun. Perfect!

The Food Hive in Quezon City
The Food Hive in Quezon City

Awesome food choices
There are currently 14 tenants here in Food Hive, and still counting as this number may rise up to 16 this year. Anyway, each of these "trucks" offer something different. Expect to be amazed by the creativity of the chefs behind these stores.

Let's take a look and have a round up! Watch this video for a preview of all 14 food stops here in The Food Hive.

For more details about all the 14 restaurants (as well as dishes to order), check out this blog post - List of Restaurants in Food Hive

So, what are you waiting for? Get the barkada together for some crazy foodie adventures!
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