List of Restaurants in The Food Hive, Quezon City

List of Restaurants in The Food Hive, Quezon City

The Food Hive is one of the latest food parks in town. It currently features 14 tenants each with something unique to look forward to. The chefs behind these stores are very well renowned for their crafts, so expect something new in each of these trucks. You can take a sneak peek of all these 14 "food trucks" by watching the video below.

If in case your interest sparked up, here's a complete round up of all the food trucks, including dishes you should give a try!

1. Jucifi
Jucifi in The Food Hive

Jucifi offers drinks that energize through its wide selection. You can have a fruity drink or go for something milkier. It's all in your hands depending on your mood. One popular drink, which name we honestly forgot, has infused condensed milk giving the drink a sweet creamy character.

2. Bab and Boy's Smoke Shack
Bab and Boy's Smoke Shack

Bab and Boy's Smoke Shack offers succulent tender ribs - perfect for those who have sweet tooth and hunger for meat. There are different sauces to choose from and sides to go with the ribs. If in case you want to sample more flavors at once, you can go for the Deli Buster (P720), shown in the photo above.

3. Blaze
Blaze Restaurant - The Food Hive

Blaze upgrades Filipino favorites (including the pulutan) through introduction of certain innovations. One of the few things you can look forward to is the flambéed or Sizzling Bulalo Sisig (P220). It features mild yet interesting flavor. It was able to maintain the comforting bulalo goodness minus, of course, the soup. Adding gravy further gives the dish a savory goodness.

4. Gotcha
Kinilaw na Goat Meat of Goatcha
Goat meat caldereta of Goatcha

Given by the name itself, Goatcha's specialty all revolves around goat's meat. The Kilawin (P285) had this dynamic sour flavor from the vinegar with innate interesting flavor of the meat. The kaldereta on the other hand had this clean straightforward taste (without much of distraction).

5. Hamaru
Hamaru Japanese Restaurant
Hamaru Japanese Restaurant The Food Hive

Hamaru is the sole Japanese restaurant found in The Food Hive. It serves authentic Japanese dishes fused with a fresh concept of using spare ingredients to spark the dishes. Must-try dishes include the chicharon bulaklak, oyster motoyaki and yakitori with truffle eggyolk to name a few. We honestly forgot to take note of the exact names of the dishes, so that's why we are sort of just describing them.

We were so impressed by Hamaru's incredible dishes. In fact, this became our personal favorite among all the trucks here in The Food Hive.

6. La Carnita
La Carnita's Nacho ala Bomba
La Carnita's Quesadilla

La Carnita is a Mexican-inspired food stop which is very known for its Nacho Ala Bomba (P195). This dish oozes with amazing combination of cheeses resulting to this gooey dreamy goodness. Quesadillas are also available to further satisfy your cheese cravings. Should I still say that this truck is a paradise for cheese lovers? 

7. Pappare
Pappare's Porchetta
Pappare's pasta in a cone

Pappare's Panini de Porchetta (P235) will surely drive all the pork lovers crazy with its extreme tastiness. Also, those who can't get enough of pasta will rejoice with Pappare's pasta selection. Interestingly, pasta dishes are served in a cone adding a different kind of experience for us foodies.

8. Pixel Stop
Pixel Stop Drinks - The Food Hive

Pixel Stop further makes The Food Hive an interesting place to chill. Drinks are crafted by well-trained bartenders. If in case you just like to have non-alcoholic drinks, Pixel Stop offers mocktails as well. Now, the cool thing about Pixel Stop is it's also a gaming station, wherein you can play for free.

9. Po Bo
Po Bo Potato Bomb in Food Hive

Po Bo is a sanctuary for potato lovers. You can enjoy different kinds of crazy potato dishes here such as the Po Bae (shown in the photo above). It's time to carbo-load here in Po Bo!

10. Wing Father

Wing Father The Food Hive
Aligue Wings of The Wing Father - Food Hive

Wing Father offers unconventional wing dishes that will undoubtedly tickle your taste buds. Must try dishes include the Boy Bawang Wings and Aligue Wings. Also, while the chicken wings themselves are already delicious, the sauces that are paired with them are equally incredible making the overall dish memorable!

11. Yordanovi

Yordanovi offers a good selection of Bulgarian dishes perfect for foodies who want something new for the palate. The cuisine is often characterized by heavily spiced meaty dishes. An example would be the Kebapche (P169) as seen in the photo above.

12. Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap in The Food Hive
Sausage Bubble Wrap - The Food Hive

Bubble Wrap brings to us the delightful treat we usually find in the streets of Hong Kong, but this time, they localized it to fit the Filipino taste buds. You can either go for the sweet bubble wrap (a combination of the egg waffle, ice cream and other sweet treats) or savory bubble wrap (a combination of the egg waffle and meat). The dish featured above is the Sausage Bubble Wrap (P185).

13. Cool Juans
Cool Juans The Food Hive

Cool Juans is not your typical nitrogen ice cream as they chose to highlight the traditional Filipino favorites such as the Scramble Ice Cream, but still with some form of twist to make them highly appealing for our sweet tooth. Plus, the preparation of these desserts will definitely provide great entertainment.

14. Mozafrio
Mozafrio The Food Hive

Mozafrio is a coffee and frappe store famous for well-crafted drinks wherein each is carefully given detail to bring about an adorable sweet treat. The frappe we tried was incredibly creamy with generous cookie-pastry elements. The great thing is despite looking so excessively sweet, it was surprisingly not.

There you go! Those are the current 14 food trucks you'll find in The Food Hive.

The Food Hive is located in Visayas Avenue of Queon City. Check out the map below to navigate your way to this amazing food park. For more information about the park, you may check out their Facebook page: The Food Hive Philippines

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