Nikko's Baking Studio in Makati - A Hidden Restaurant

Nikko's Baking Studio in Makati - A Hidden Restaurant

Just when I thought I already explored most of Makati's food gems, something came along that proved me wrong. Possibly qualifying as a Hole-in-the-Wall (due to its's not-so-prominent location), Nikko's Baking Studio is a restaurant along Paseo de Roxas serving family treasured recipes passed on from generation to generation. It's basically Filipino cuisine with a story.

Nikko's Baking Studio Interior

Dishes with stories to tell
Each of the food here in Nikko's Baking Studio has a story, which of course revolves around Nikko, the owner, and her family. You'll get some snippets of these via the names of the dishes, and sometimes the food themselves.

Nikko's Baking Studio in Makati

There is a wide range of starters to choose from such as the traditional cheese sticks and banana chips.

The 126 Cheese Sticks (P180) are simple yet captivating for the palate. All thanks to the dip which brings flavor to them
Cheese Sticks of Nikko's Baking Studio

All Natural Banana Chips (P180) are basically dehydrated banana with no preservatives. The dip, the same with the cheese stick, brings it more character with its smooth refreshing tang
All Natural Banana Chips of Nikko's Baking Studio

Now, for those who can't get enough of pasta, there are a bunch for you to pick. Below are just 2 out of 10 pasta dishes you can have.

The Lucan Longganisa (P270) has this nice blend of saltiness that goes well with the softness of angel hair pasta
Lucban Longganisa of Nikko's Baking Studio

Shrimp Termidor (P320) is a bountiful dish oozing with seafood goodness. Interestingly, the original Shrimp Termidor recipe should come with a rice, but Nikko's tita ran out of it, so this came to life!
Shrimp Thermidor Pasta of Nikko's Baking Studio

Okay, let's backtrack a little bit and check out these dishes perfect for either appetizer or merienda. The next dish is a superstar, and it's possibly the best chorizon empanada in town!
The Chorizo Empanada (P260 for 2 pieces) is a definite must-try. It was fried in perfection making the pastry very delicately crunchy and delicious. As you can a bite of the chorizo core, you'll fall in a trance of gastronomical hypnosis
Best Chorizo Empanada in Town - Nikko's Baking Studio

Marlon's Salpicao is another favorite here in Nikko's Baking Studio. It was able to capture the right blend of savory garlicky taste and tenderness to make it a palatable experience
Marlon's Salpicao in Nikko's Baking Studio

Now, for those who want to chill and have some "drinks" here in Nikko's Baking Studio (Yes, it's possible), you can have this famous pulutan - Chicharon Bulaklak (P320)

Chicharon Bulaklak of Nikko's Baking Studio

Traditional eats - Filipino comfort food
Nothing indeed beats our own, and the great news is Nikko makes 'em better, which is why you'll get a hefty serving of your Filipino favorites ranging here in the restaurant.

Dad's Longganisa (P280) - Garlic is great for those who like it adventurously salty and garlicky 
Dad's Longganisa - Garlic

Dad's Longganisa (P280) - Hamonado is a sweeter take of longganisa, so this goes well for kids or those with prominent sweet tooth
Dad's Longganisa - Hamonado

My Sinigang na Baboy (P280) is your traditional favorite, more asim = better! 
My Sinigang na Baboy of Nikko's Baking Studio

Bro's Adobo Flakes (P270) tickles the palate with its right saltiness and flaky-crispy texture
Bro's Adobo Flakes - Nikko's

The Nbs Chicken Inasal (P280) is another favorite among the group. It was able to capture our hearts with its delicious savory taste that lingers in the mouth. Mix this up with the rice and you'll really have a perfect combination! Hands down  
Nbs Chicken Inasal of Nikko's Baking Studio

Trivia: Did you know that all the rice used here in Nikko's Baking Studio are locally sourced in Batangas. This will explain the richness of flavor and moisture in their rice.

The beginning of everything - desserts
As hinted by its name, Nikko's Baking Studio indeed started out as a studio which holds baking classes, which is also why the core of it all was, uhm, baking. This is also the reason why the desserts here all classic golds!

Nikko's Baking Studio - desserts!

The Turtle Pie had this creamy luscious chocolate that instantly melts in the mouth
Turtle Pie of Nikko's Baking Studio

The Calamansi Pie is perfect for those who like it citrus-y! It's my personal favorite among all that we tried
Calamansi Pie of Nikko's Baking Studio

The Vanilla Crepe Cake is perfect for those who like it mildly sweet. Don't be deceived by how it looks, yes, it's not that sweet. 
Vanilla Crepe Cake Nikko's Baking Studio

The Leche Flan cake is creamy on top and fluffy thereafter. 
Nikko's Baking Studio Leche Flan

Nikko's Baking Studio - Overall Summary

Budget: at least P300 each for a personal meal or sharing type of dining experience for a group of at least 4
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of last visit - February 28, 2017

If you are looking for Filipino comfort food that are very direct to the point, Nikko's Baking Studio is surely a good place for you to wash away all the accumulated stress. Match this up with homey interior, and you'll surely feel all recharged once again. Finally, once you go for the desserts your foodie experience will be complete!

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Nikko's Baking Studio
Location: 59-A Paseo de, Roxas Blvd, Urdaneta Village, Makati, 1225 Metro Manila
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Mondays to Fridays); 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Weekends)

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