The Hot Roast Chicken of Pancake House is back until December 31!

The Hot Roast Chicken of Pancake House is back until December 31!

Great news dear foodies! Our old-time favorite is back here in Pancake House. You need not to wait anymore because it's here!

Check out any Pancake House branches to taste this delightful dish. Also, since this is a season of generosity as well, they are offering a two for less promo. You can enjoy a Hot Roast Chicken with iced tea for 2 with just P398. Neat, huh?

Dela Rosa Carpark Branch of Pancake House

It's truly a blessing to have a "home" just a few walk away from the office, and its with newly renovate interior, this Pancake House branch in Dela Rosa Carpark surely makes a good escape from all the stress from work.

Hot Roast Chicken of Pancake House

Now, the Hot Roast Chicken is surely a nice treat for the tummy with its filling white meat chicken. The gravy poured on top also adds more grace to the taste, making each bite comfortingly satisfying. Although there is an iced tea to go along with the meal when you avail the promo, nothing stops you from getting a milk shake to go with it. Well, you may see it as contrasting, but I loved the combo!

Hot Roast Chicken of Pancake House

To complete the experience here in Pancake House, we went for my favorite dessert here in the resto -- Waffle Turnover! Nothing beats the simple and honest goodness of this dessert!

Waffle Turnover of Pancake House

Visit the nearest Pancake House in your area, and ready your buds for the ultimate comeback of Hot Roast Chicken! 
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