Pancake Houses' Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes

Pancake House in Dela Rosa Street, Makati City
Pancake House in Dela Rosa Street, Makati City
Pancake lovers, hear this out! One of our favorite restaurants serving pancake has revealed a new dish that will make us fall in love once more. Just last month, Pancake House added a new pancake dish called Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pancake, and I was given the opportunity to give it a try! Now, before we dwell onto that let me first share with you some dishes I was able to try before the pancake dessert.
Warm Bacon Potato Salad || P169 
A warm salad composed of creamy potatoes topped with crispy bacon bits and fresh alfalfa sprouts, laid on a bed of mixed greens
Warm Bacon Potato Salad - best salad in town!
Warm Bacon Potato Salad - best salad in town!
This Warm Bacon Potato Salad is perhaps the best I've tried so far due to its sophisticated yet united flavors. There was this good blend of mashed potatoes, egg, cheese and honey mustard dressing creating a smooth enjoyable creamy texure. Two thumbs up!

Hot Roast Beef || P278
Temptingly open-faced with mashed potato and vegetables
Hot Roast Beef of Pancake House
Hot Roast Beef of Pancake House
The roast beef was nice and balanced with the gravy being light yet heavily complementary. Dish is prepared well and goes well with the bed of toasty bread.

Special Salisbury Steak || P246
Premium 1/3 lb salisbury steak topped with that cream mushroom gravy and bacon bits
The tasty Salisbury Steak of Pancake House
The tasty Salisbury Steak of Pancake House
Basking in the tasty gravy, the salisburry steak had this tenderness that paired well with the richness of the taste. Depending on your tolerance, it may seem a little bit salty, but as far as my buds were concerned, I liked the way it tasted!

Carbonara || P267
Linguine tossed with special white creamy sauce, mushroom, bacon bits and Parmesan cheese
Classic Carbonara of Pancake House
Classic Carbonara of Pancake House
Carbonara was not as great as I imagined it to be, as the saltiness tipped a little beyond what I normally enjoy.

Spanish Omelette || P151
Fluffy flavorful omelettes served with toast
Spanish Omelette of Pancake House
The nicely prepared Spanish Omelette
The omelette was nicely prepared with select ingredients. It was a comforting traditional breakfast delight.

Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes || P214 - 2 pieces || P318 - 3 pieces 
Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes
The all-new Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes!
The pancake was awesome served warm as evidenced by the butter and reese's peanut butter cups starting to melt away. Of course, it featured the traditional unique taste of the restaurant's famous pancakes, but only made sweeter and more memorable by the lovely choco-peanut butter goodness. Oh, by the way, it may not be as obvious in the photo, but the second layer (as well as the third if you order 3 pcs.) has this semi-melted peanut butter chips that made the pancakes lovelier.

There you go, my dear foodie friends! I hope this one made your mouth water. Do drop by any of the Pancake House branches to give this treat a try!

Pancake House
Location: Dela Rosa Car Park 1, Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Contact No.: (02) 8179459
Service Charge: 8% on price
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