Pancake House's Pan Grilled Pork Belly for 2 - Only P398

Pancake House's Pan Grilled Pork Belly for 2 - Only P398

Pancake House is bringing out something out of its kitchen, and it's going to give delight to your palate. Since I was given the privilege to check it out, I'm going to share with you more about it here in this blog post.

Double Your Craving Promo || P398 for 2
Pan Grilled cajun-spiced pork belly, served with mashed potato, corn and carrots and iced tea good for 2

We are familiar with Pancake House as one of the homes of comfort food; hence, the people behind the restaurant wanted to craft something that will further bring comfort with a pinch of adventure. They also paired up a promo with this new offering in order to really encourage you to dine with your loved one/s.

Pan Grilled cajun-spiced pork belly

As for the taste, the Pork Belly (ala carte at P260) offers this interesting cajun-spice that seeped within the meat fibers. The slice of pork belly is also generously thick which makes the dish sulit. Note however that due to the thickness of the cut, some parts of the belly may not be as tender as you may want it to be. Still, the layer just below the fat is juicy and soft; hence, this creates a balance.

Tip: I suggest that you slice the belly in such a way that includes all the layers. By the way, this Pan Grilled Pork Belly is available in all branches of Pancake House nationwide.

Pancake House's Pan Grilled Pork Belly

Of course, to end your sumptuous dining experience, you may want to check out the heat-beating desserts here in Pancake House. Most of these are classics, so just choose your summer "cooler".

Mango Crepe with Ice Cream || P176
An international crepe favorite with vanilla ice cream and fresh ripe mangoes
Mango Crepe with Ice Cream

The crepe in itself has a great taste that matches the sweetness of the ice cream. The choco drizzles also added a subtlety of chocolate goodness. The flavors are then finished off with a touch of crushed walnuts sprinked on top.

Halo-Halo Jubilee || P98 - Regular || P109 - With Ice Cream
Shaved ice with milk, sweet garbansos, kaong, white beans, red mungo beans, ube, langka strips, and red gulaman topped with homemade leche flan
 Halo-Halo Jubilee

The Halo-Halo of Pancake House was something we enjoyed due to the great quality of the ingredients, such as the leche flan and the halaya (ube).

Waffle Foldover || P217
Golden brown waffle on the outside, peanut butter, two hefty scoops of vanilla ice cream and candy-coated choco bites on the inside
 Waffle Foldover of Pancake House

This Waffle Foldover is probably my most favorite dessert here in Pancake House. I just love how the various sweetness all blended together with something amazing. Also, I love the peanut butter that wraps up the flavors.

Foodie friends, this Pan Grilled Pork Belly as well as the promo will run only until June 30, 2016. So, make sure to go check it out while you still can! 
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