KFC's Tokyo Pepper Steak Rice Bowl

After the successful comeback of its Chizza, KFC launches two new rice bowls inspired by the flavors from the Land of the Rising Sun (i.e. Japan) -- Tokyo Pepper Steak and Osaka Teriyaki.

Surprisingly, on one fine night, we were all surprised when two bowls of KFC arrived at the office. Everyone got thrilled by this unexpected treat, and so we feasted on the bowls after!

KFC's Tokyo Pepper Steak Rice Bowl
KFC's Tokyo Pepper Steak Rice Bowl

With its bold peppery and savory taste, this Tokyo Pepper Steak Rice Bowl was something I appreciated. You might think that this is spicy due to the pepper, but it's surprisingly not. Needless to say, those who don't appreciate "hot" dishes will still get to find this interesting.

Huawei P9's Leica Camera - Sample Shot

The other rice bowl is the Osaka Teriyaki, but unfortunately, I didn't get to try that one out. Still, you may want to check it out. Both of the rice bowls are available for only P99 (ala carte) or P117 (with a drink).

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You may also pair up your rice bowls with 4 Cheese Chizza, which really oozes with cheese! Those cheese lovers like me will really go wild when they taste the Chizza!

KFC Chizza captured using Leica of Huawei P9

Anyway, that's all about it for now! But before I end this blog post, I just want to share with you that all the photos here are taken using the Leica camera of my Huawei P9. I'm dedicating a post for this, so hopefully, you'll stay tuned. Cheers!

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