Celebrate Diversity of Japanese- Peruvian Flavors in Buddha Bar

Japanese Cuisine is something very close to the hearts of us, Filipinos, and for some, it has easily become one of our sources of comfort food such as sushi and sashimi. However, there seem to be rare cases when we get a little tired of the same thing. This is why I got curious when I heard that there is such a thing as Japanese-Peruvian Cuisine. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to try the cuisine for the first time here in Buddha Bar.

Now, before we dive into the latest offering here in Buddha Bar, let's just take a look at this modern and sophisticated interior of the restaurant.

Interior of Buddha Bar

The place has this secretive and exclusive feel that makes dining experience here special. It is both great for dating and just for friendly catch-ups.  Now that we are all feeling comfy and cozy, let's now explore the newest dishes you can enjoy here in Buddha Bar.

Interior of Buddha Bar, Makati

What is Japanese-Peruvian cuisine?
When we speak of Japanese-Peruvian, it still often refers to a type of Japanese cuisine but with ingredients usually sourced from, if not influenced by, Peru. It is usually characterized by festive colors with multitude of flavors.

Anyway, it's better to see the dishes yourself, so check them out! Let's begin with the appetizers.

Aji Tuna Ceviche || P340
 Aji Tuna Ceviche

Sesame Seared Salmon Ceviche || P360
Sesame Seared Salmon Ceviche || P360

Both Aji Tuna and Sesame Seared Salmon featured notable freshness with diverse yet tamed flavors. The chef advised us to eat them altogether to experience as many flavors as possible. Note that the dish is intentional full of different flavors -- since this is a characteristic of the said cuisine.

White Fish Ceviche with Aji Amarillo || P340
 White Fish Ceviche with Aji Amarillo

This dish has the same ingredients as the ones above except for the white fish. However, this featured a much bolder set of flavors due to the infusion of truffle essence.

Chef Shigeki of Buddha Bar

Here's a photo of Chef Shigeki, who is the man behind the latest line-up of Japanese-Peruvian dishes.

After the Ceviche tasting, we were provided a small sample of the main dishes for us to have an idea. There are a total of 4 dishes under the line-up.

Miso Black Cod, Mixed Lentils, Black Corn Puree, Black Sesame Souffle || P1,650
Miso Black Cod, Mixed Lentils, Black Corn Puree, Black Sesame Souffle

This Miso Black Cod had a smokey tang which was distinctly flavorful. It certainly provided satisfaction for the palate.

12 Spices Grilled Pork Ribs || P780
12 Spices Grilled Pork Ribs

This dish had an interesting blend of flavors from the spices and further enhanced by a sufficient layer of fat.

Chilean Sea Bass, Wasabi Sauce, Green Tobiko ad Ikura || P1,800
Chilean Sea Bass, Wasabi Sauce, Green Tobiko ad Ikura

The Chilean Sea Bass was notable due to its wonderful melt in your mouth texture.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Steak with 3 Sauces || P1,500

This grilled tenderloin steak was great with its mild and balanced flavors.

Japanese Style Tiramisu || P290
Japanese Style Tiramisu

The Japanese Style Tiramisu was intriguing with how it was deconstructed. However, though it was interesting, the taste was quite complex for me to appreciate. It felt like the deconstruction led to the fragmentation of flavors as well which ended up not greatly balanced, but then again, maybe my palate is not built for something as complex as this one.

Buddha Bar - Overall Summary

The new collection of Japanese Peruvian dishes here in Buddha Bar is something that draws attention due to its visual appeal. Now, honesty compels me to say that this cuisine may not be for everyone. As previously mentioned, dishes from the cuisine are often characterized by festive flavors that may be too diverse for some, as there is multidirectional pull and push of flavors from the variety of ingredients and spices. However, if this sounds pretty appealing and adventurous for you , well I think you should really give the dishes here a try.

You still have 12 days to go to try out the Nikkei Cuisine-Japanese Peruvian Inspired Dishes! So make sure to check it out before it ends on June 17, 2016.

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Buddha Bar
Location: PICAR Place, Kalayaan Ave. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati
Contact No.: (02) 856 6859
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