S&R's Home and Foodie Finds for the Month of May

Norwegian Salmon of S&R

Since the heat is still too intense despite summer being over, we often feel like just staying at home most of the time, and this becomes so much better when you have plenty of interesting things at home that will bring much joy and comfort -- things that make bumming more awsome! However, in case, you don't, fret not because S&R has you covered.

Let's begin first with the munchables!

Lemon Loaf of S&R

It often feels great to just bum around while snacking on some salty stuff (such as popcorn which i suggest that you try Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn), but who says you can't snack on some sweet stuff too?

Banana Loaf of S&R Membership Shopping

S&R is famous for its home baked goodies such as this Banana Loaf Peanuts at P139.95 (above) and this US Hazelnut Chocolate Ring Cake at P299.95 (below).

Ring Cakes of S&R

The good thing about these is you can either have them for snacks or desserts -- well better yet for both.

Purchasing salmon in grocery S&R

Now, if you have a sweet mom just like mine, maybe you can suggest having Norwegian Salmon (P619.95 per kg) for dinner. For sure, it will be great to feast on some fresh salmon for the family to enjoy!

Hmm, okay, so now that the feast is over, who will do the dishes? Oh right, let me do them for you.

Well, kidding aside, there are times when I really am the one who is assigned to wash the dishes, and this is why I know the brand of our dishwashing soap - Zip Dishwashing Soap (P379.95 for 4L). Also, just like the famous brand that sounds like Koi, we dilute this with water, which allows us to save up on cost.

Buying ZiP Dishwashing Soap

Now, for sure you will get exhausted washing the dishes, so you will be needing some good rest, and one of the ingredients for an awesome rest is a fluffy pillow, which S&R happened to have as well - Allerease Naturales Organic Pillow (P1,099.95).

Organic Jumbo Pillows

Finally, since it's almost June, people in your home might be starting to become busy preparing for school. Luckily, you can do that here in S&R as well, since you can find items such as this 3pc Varsity Boys Sando (P249.95 per pack).

Varsity Sando in S&R

Alright, so that's basically some interesting stuff that grabbed my attention here in S&R. Hopefully, you found this article helpful. Thanks for dropping by! #loveSnR
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