ICHIBA - Experience Japan's Tsukiji Market in the Philippines

ICHIBA Interior in Newport Mall

MANILA, Philippines - Something fresh, huge and delicious has finally arrived, and it just made a loud bang as it opened up its doors for food enthusiasts we commonly call as foodies. Seafood lovers joined by Japanese-cuisine lovers are now raving about this place. We also received a juicy scoop that they are planning to barge in by groups. Ichiba and the management has already been warned to be ready for the said arrival of these hungry groups.

Ichiba Japanese Market - Philippines

Okay, let me just cut that out! All I really want to share with you is Ichiba just opened up last 4th of March in Newport Mall of Resorts World Manila, bringing in a fresh Japanese concept of a seafood market or what we call as "dampa", and I was given the chance to be one of the first few to experience Ichiba. Hence, it's now my duty to share with you what I experienced, and hopefully this won't make you all fidgety to visit.

Ichiba Crab - Manila, Philippines

Ichiba Interior

Manila's Tsukiji Market
Ichiba is a Japanese-inspired seafood market that offers on-demand seafood cooked as you order. However, it's more than a seafood because they also serve here takoyaki, teppanyaki, ramen, udon, donburi and etc. What's surprising, though, was the price. Many of what you'll find here in Ichiba are priced reasonably.

Ichiba Seafood Market

I've been to Japan once, and being here in Ichiba made me feel "nostalgic" in that sense. The interior and its ambiance exude that authentic Japanese feel, probably because of the design and the set-up of the place. Well, all I know is that I really had that same feeling when I was in Japan.

Making Takoyaki in Ichiba

One corner in Ichiba offers Takoyaki, a popular street food in Japan. They prepare it with accuracy to make sure that we'll really enjoy them.

Takoyaki in Ichiba, Newport Mall

Another interesting find here in Ichibi is the Wagyu Beef Cubes or the Gyu Saikoro (P380). They are delicate, tender and best of all flavorful!

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Wagyu Beef Cubes in Ichiba

The Ebi Tempura (P385) here as well is magnificent, as they use highly fresh prawns! Each crunchy bite was tasty, and the sauce made it even more memorable.

Although all of the dishes above were really interesting, the highlight of the night was the cutting of the huge tuna fish.

Cutting of the Tuna in Ichiba

I was really fortunate to have a some slices of the fish. It was dreamy especially with its prime freshness and melt-in-your mouth sensation.

Fresh Tuna Sashimi of Ichiba

This platter features cuts from different parts of the huge fish. I honestly can't recall them, but you can clearly tell this just by their appearance.

Different cuts of Tuna Fish in Ichiba

Aside from tuna of course, they also serve here fresh salmon (P295 for 5 slices), and the slices served to us were oozing with goodness and freshness!

Cutting of the fresh salmon in Ichiba

Fresh thick slices of Salmon in Ichiba

We were also given the opportunity to try out some fresh squid, scallops and crab. Among all of these, the truly memorable one was the crab! It was ticklish on the palate as it burst with flavors.

Now, for those wanting to taste a deep seafood essence, you may want to try out their Uni Sashimi (P235), and just like the other sashimi, this one was also overflowing with freshness.

That's mostly about it, but before I end this blog post, let me just share with you whom I stumbled upon there in the opening night.

A Not-So-Popular Kid meets Maria Ozawa

Ichiba Japanese Market Summary

Budget: at least P500 for a food trip type of experience for a group of at least 4

If you really want to experience a fresh wave of Japanese culture in a form of food, you can try dining here in Ichiba. The ambiance in itself allows you to "feel" Japan, and the food has that potential to take that into a next level. I'd like to hear more from you, so do drop a comment if have some.
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    Ichiba Japanese Market
    Location: 2/F Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila

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