Tabo-an Public Market in Cebu - Tips and Reminders

Tabo-an Public Market in Cebu

The Tabo-an Public Market in Cebu is very much popular for buying some danggit or dried fish. You may also find in here some pasalubong items such as the dried mangoes, otap and chorizo balls. If you are looking for some competitive prices, then you may want to check this market out; however, I do have some few tips to share with you. Some of these may have insufficient basis, but I'll leave it up to you to decide on that.

Tip #1 Ask around and compare prices - Do not immediately buy even if you think it's cheap because it may in fact be otherwise relative to other prices. Hence, ask around and compare.

Tip #2 Be happy with the assumingly "best" price- When you eventually bought something, do not inquire any further in other stalls about the item you bought. You may end up getting disappointed with your lack of tawad and exploration skills.

Tip #3 Dress down for a price down - You are not going to a party or a mall but rather to a public market. No one will actually care what you'll wear, except those who will see you as someone who has excess money. Of course, they will have a special price for you, but don't expect it to be lower. Also, it will be best if you won't have with you your valuables. My friends from Cebu kept on reminding me to always be cautious when going there.

Cebu Chorizo Balls in the Market

Tip #4 Come by group - Coming in by group enhances your purchasing power because it means more potential sale for the stall owners. Hence, huddle up!

Tabo-an Public Market Dried Fish - Cebu

Tip #5 Get recommendations from a friend and order via phone instead. A friend told us that sometimes it's better to order from a suki of a friend via phone and have the goods delivered to you. This will save up time and effort in going there. However, you need to have already an idea of who you need to buy.

Dried Fish Photos - Cebu

Tip #6 Take a shower as soon as you get home. The smell of the good here, especially the fish, clings on to your clothing. Hence, make sure that you are heading home after this. Do not ever attempt to go on a date after coming here in Tabo-an!

Dried Fish Photos

There you go! These are the tips I have so far. Feel free to comment below if you have some tips and/or reminders to share. Cheers!
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