Top 8 Restaurants to Try in Robinsons Ermita, Manila

Recommended Restaurants in Robinsons Ermita Manila

Top 8 Blogger's Recommended Restaurants
Are you currently in trouble looking for a nice place to eat in Robinsons Ermita? If yes, then you stumbled upon the right blog post! 

I'll make it quick and useful for you, so let's begin! Oh, some of the restaurants recommended here have separate blogs posts containing more details, you may check them out by clicking on the name of the restaurant.

Important Note: Some of the prices may be outdated already, since everything is lifted up in my previous blog posts. However, I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible.

Last Update Date: March 2020

1. Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan is home for some affordable yet delicious HK cuisine. It's original store garnered 1-Star Michelin star which then makes it interesting to try.

Location: Ground Floor, Midtown Wing
What to order: Baked Buns with Pork BBQ (P145), Other Chinese dimsum
Budget: P200 and up each for a group of at least 4

2. CoCo Ichibanya

CoCo Ichibanya is a popular curry place in both Japan and Hong Kong, and there aren't many branches in the Metro. Hence, it's really great to experience it in Robinsons Manila.

Location: Ground Floor, Midtown Wing
What to order: Pork Cutlet and Vegetable Curry (P440) together with the add-ons
Budget: P450 and up each for a personal curry dish with soup and salad

3. Honolulu HK Cafe
Deep Fried Chicken Curry Rice of Honolulu HK Cafe

Honolulu HK Cafe is just like CoCo Ichibanya in terms of its fame in HK. It's home of curry dishes (slightly different from Japanese-style) and tarts.

Location: Ground Floor of Robinsons Pedro Gil Wing
What to order: Baked Chicken in Portuguese Style (P278), Deep Fried Chicken Curry Rice (P268), Egg Tart (P50)
Budget: P250 and up for a personal dish

4. Arya Persian Restaurant
The feasty Arya Sini Kamel Platter of Arya for an abundance of kebabs

Arya is a place where you can try authentic kebabs, and I can't recall other branches of this restaurant making it slightly unique to this area.

Location: 2nd Floor of Robinsons Midtown Wing (smaller branch) or Ground Floor of the same wing where the outer restaurants can be found
What to order: Generally the kebab dishes
Budget: P500 and up (exclusive of drinks) per person

5. Ippudo
Ippudo in Robinsons Place Manila

Although there are already quite a number of Ipuddo branches, it still remains to be one of the must-try ramen in town.

Location: Ground Floor, Midtown Wing
What to order: Shiromaru Motoaji (P375) and Akamaru Shinaji (P390)
Budget: P430 and up for a personal bowl of ramen

6. Lugang
Lugang Cafe in Robinsons Place Manila

If you want a rather fancy Chinese cuisine, Lugang makes a great choice. It's prism-inspired interior is simply captivating, and of course their Xiao Long Bao.

Location: Ground Floor of Robinsons Pedro Gil Wing
What to order: Roasted Meat Combination (P580), Kung Pao Tofu (P280), Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao - 8 pcs (P248)
Budget: P400 and up (exclusive of drinks) per person

7. Pound by Todd English
Pound by Todd English in Robinsons Place Manila

Pound by Todd English has a secret dollar menu which makes it very affordable dining here.

Location: Ground Floor of Robinsons Pedro Gil Wing (near National Book Store)
What to order: Onion Haystack (P80), Todd English Poutine (P180) , Amsterdam Burger (P280)
Budget: P250 and up for a personal meal (burger or pasta)

8. Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor's collection of cookies and milk is simply something you are completely missing out on. Plus, they have non-dessert dishes as well to explore!

Location: Ground Floor of Robinsons Pedro Gil Wing (near Bad Bird)
What to order: Buttermilk Chicken (P245), Scout's Honor Cheeseburger (P165), Creamy Pesto with Grilled Chicken (P275)
Budget: P250 and up for a personal meal

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