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Hello there foodie friends! I am here to just share with you something about a site that you probably are already aware about, but even so, let me shed some light about my experience using the site and how it really offered me a taste of the good life! Alright, so I hope you will enjoy this special feature on Deal Grocer!

Organized and uncluttered
The reason why Deal Grocer is one of the top deal sites I go to is its simple organized look. Everything looks in order making it easy to browse around. If in case you haven't visited the site recently, let me just show to you how it looks, so you will understand what I mean.

The way things are structured makes it not overwhelming to scan deals and to finally purchase one. Also, the payment procedures are pretty straight-forward.

Paypal as a mode of payment
One of the great things I like about Deal Grocer is that it allows me to use my Paypal as a mode of payment. With this, I feel a lot more secured doing transactions with Deal Grocer. Well, Paypal adds a layer of security as opposed to directly using my credit card.

Alright, now if you can remember, I shared a good promo from Deal Grocer to one of my favorite restaurants in Greenbelt, Dillingers 1903 (read more), wherein you could get as much as 40%. See, this is what I actually like about the site, it offers deals to restaurants we usually love!

Also, Deal Grocer has become one of my food trip buddies because it allows me to explore restaurants for less. Yes, it really helps me keep my tummy happy without making my pocket feel empty and sad.

Now, to my surprise, this wonderful food trip buddy of mine sent a nice gift at my doorstep. It came with a neat and formal-looking envelope within which were the vouchers for a Weekend Japanese Buffet with Unlimited Iced Tea.

Deal Voucher for Gift - Deal Grocer

I am yet to check out this restaurant, but I am really excited to try the food out in that place!Anyway, another interesting about Deal Grocer is it allows you to easily provide gifts to your friends by sending them vouchers you think they might enjoy! The vouchers will be sent to them in a highly presentable manner (similar to the photo above) making it really a great gift!

Alright, I won't keep you so long, so to see some awesome dining deals of Deal Grocer, you may check this one out: Top Dining Deals of Deal Grocer (link)

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