Ponsyon by Breakthrough in Plazuela de Iloilo

Ponsyon by Breakthrough in Plazuela de Iloilo

There is this beautiful park-like place in Iloilo called Plazuela de Iloilo. It is as if you are trekking in Wonderland with all the adorable design and landscape. I know calling it Wonderland may be an exaggeration, but I just couldn’t believe how I underestimated Iloilo. I wasn’t aware that there are a lot of gems already spread across the “province”, and I’m lucky to see one.

The Beautiful Iloilo - Plazuela de Iloilo

Before, I share with you my foodie experience here in Ponsyon, let me just share with you some snap shots of the Plazuela.

A Not-So-Popular Kid goes to Iloilo

I’m planning to dedicate a separate post about this place in my other blog (since I’m really planning to have this concentrate on food).

Facade of Ponsyon by Breakthrough in Iloilo

Now, back to Ponsyon, I was able to appreciate how welcoming the staff is. The interior also possesses the traditional Filipino ambiance. You may want to take note that this place can get easily filled, especially with its popularity. Hence, I suggest that you book a reservation in advance.

Interior of Ponsyon by Breakthrough in Iloilo

I’m getting a little hungry as I type this, so why don’t we get started with some of the appetizers we had.

Mangga't Bagoong
Mangga't Bagoong of Ponsyon, Iloilo

The Indian Mango was rightly and sparkly sour with this really uniquely flavorful bagoong that we found oh-so incredible!

Kinilaw Tangegue || P125 
Kinilaw Tangegue Iloilo

This Kinilaw na Tanigue lacked the tenderness  I was looking for, but the taste was really fantastic! It was adventurously sour made a little softer by the gata. There was also a great blend of onion and bell pepper that made the dish awesome!

Lumpiang Hubad || P125
Lumpiang Hubad of Ponsyon

Ponsyon has a unique take on lumpiang hubad. They made it nacho-like which I found okay, especially with its balanced taste and refreshing lightness. Still, I am after the traditional lumpiang hubad.

Litson Baboy || P185
Litson Baboy of Ponsyon

The lechon lacked the necessary tenderness too in order to make it extra special, but this was fine because the taste was just right and the skin was sufficiently crispy. The liver sauce was also great - sweet and tasty!

Sizzling Crabmeat || P175
Sizzling Crabmeat of Ponsyon, Iloilo

The crabmeat sisig was bountiful and all mighty with its seafood goodness! Be careful though because it really drives up the cholesterol.

Kalo Kalo sa Aligue || P125
Aligue Rice - Filipino Dish

Through this Aligue rice, you will taste the heavenliness of the sea! It was so flavorful and yummy that complemented most of the dishes we ordered!

Grilled Managat 
Grilled Managat of Iloilo

This Mangrove Snapper or called Managat, by the locals, had this potent magnificent taste that was distinctly smoky. It tasted like raw salmon less the, hmmm, rawness.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Ponsyon, Iloilo

Ponsyon by Breakthrough - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: About P300 each for a sharing type of dining coming in a group of 4

I really suggest that you drop by Ponsyon, or Plazuela in general, when you visit Iloilo. Most of the locals will also recommend this to you not only because of the great food but as well as the great sights. The best time to check this place out from dusk to night. This is the time of the day when the beauty of Plazuela de Iloilo shines.

Ponsyon by Breakthrough
Location: Plazuela de Iloilo, Benigno Aquino Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Service Charge: 10% before VAT

Operating Hours: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

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