J.Co Brings in Halloween-Inspired Donuts this October 2015

JCo Donuts Halloween

Although we usually don't celebrate it big here in the Philippines, Halloween is still just a few weeks away. In celebration of this spooky occasion, J Co gives us two reasons, or products to be more specific, to celebrate.

The first one is the Nutty Dracula Donut which has a rich peanut butter on the inside and then garnished with dark chocolate and strawberry sauce on the outside. It is then topped with a hint of white chocolate to further add a layer of sweetness, balancing the sultry taste.

Trapped in a Web Donut is the second donut which is then filled with Tiramisu Cream. It is finally capped with a mix of Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Tiramisu.

These donuts are now available at all J Co branches. Prices are as follows: P42 for one piece, P252 for half a dozen, P380.00 for one dozen, and P592.00 for two dozens.

Who wouldn’t resist these delectable flavors? Whether as a snack, lunch, or pasalubong, it is indeed fun to celebrate Halloween the J CO way. Unlike immortal Halloween characters though, these two new donuts will only last until November 2.
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