Aida’s Chicken versus Others in Manokan Country, Bacolod

Chicken Inasal War - Bacolod

When I dined once again in Aida's (read more), I couldn't help but wonder why the said restaurant is more popular than the rest along this stretch of Manokan Country (which rumor has it will be demolished soon to give room for more SM developments). They serve practically the same thing, so why are there less people in others? Is Aida’s Chicken really that good? With the mission of somehow providing an answer, I together with some of my friends decided to try out the restaurant beside Aida's. This happened to be called Nena's Rose II (read more).

I was heavily reluctant at first because the interior seemed to be dull and uninviting, as opposed to Aida's warm and bright ambiance. I guess this may be one of the primary reasons why Aida's earned its popularity. Still, with reluctance in our hearts, we gave it a go.

Aida's versus Nena Rose II Manokan Country
Which mascot is better?

The menu is quite similar with that of Aida’s, but the stark difference is most of what’s on the menu are indeed available, especially the pechopak and pecho (which run out pretty quickly in Aida’s).

Aida's Interior and Nena Rose

Now, as we were waiting for our orders, we couldn’t help but really be keen of the interior, and we really felt how dull and dreary it was as opposed to Aida’s, especially that we can see the vibrance of its interior from the partition. This is one of the sources of their stark differences.

Aida's Bacolod Chicken Inasal versus Others

There is not much material difference as for the quality and taste. In fact, we were pondering if we found Nena Rose II’s chicken better. Also, at the back of our minds, we were really entertaining the possibility that restaurants here in Manokan Country use the same recipe.

To answer the question raised, I would say that Aida’s Chicken in Manokan Country is indeed good, but so as the others. I guess it boils down really to the ambiance. With this, fret not when you don’t get the chance to be seated in Aida’s. Just try the other restaurants. Well, that is if you don't mind much the ambiance.

As for the other restaurants, maybe a little revamp of the interior will help? 

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