Chili's American Comfort Food in Greenbelt 5, Makati

Chili's in Greenbelt 5, Makati

I know that Chili's restaurant is far from being new, and it does not make much sense to blog about it since most of you know about it already. However, I am still dedicating a blog post on this for those who still want to learn more about some of the dishes you may find here in Chili's.

For this particular visit, we availed of the P999 promo which provides one (1) appetizer and two (2) main entrees for only the said price.

Note: This promo is until September 30, 2015 just in case you are wondering

Calamari || P365
Hand-battered squid rings deep fried to a golden brown. Sprinkled with chopped cilantro and served with cilantro aioli and chipotle aioli dressings.
Fried Calamari in Chili's American Comfort Food

This calamari was finely prepared with its light and refreshing taste. There wasn't much to look forward to aside from it's humble balanced taste, but if you are a fan of uncomplicated flavor for your calamari, you should go for this one!

Classic Nachos || P445
With melted cheese, jalapenos, beans, queoso and a hint of seasoned beef. Served with house-made pico de gallo and sour cream
Classic Nachos of Chili's

The classic nachos was something I enjoyed because of its cheesy goodness. The Jalapenos also added excitement to it. Plus, I just loved how the sour cream immensely complement the taste of the nachos.

Chicken Club Tacos || P355 - 2 pieces || P450 - 3 pieces
Grilled mesquite chicken breast with chopped crispy bacon, ancho-chile ranch dressing. Served with Chili's rice and black beans
Chicken Club Tacos of Chili's

The Chicken Club Taco was a sure comfort food with its refreshing mix of grilled chicken, cabbage, tomatoes, bacon and cheese. Every bite was simply amazing.

Wings Over Buffalo || P445
Chicken drumettes tossed in spicy buffalo sauce. Served with cool bleu cheese dressing
Wings Over Buffalo of Chili's

I wasn't in a mood to go for some buffalo wings, so I just skipped this one. Well, we were dining outdoors, and the heat was extreme; hence to avoid feeling uneasy from additional heat, I decided not to have on of these.

Cilantro Pesto Pasta || P450 - Chicken || P545 - Shrimp
Penne pasta tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce and savory cilantro pesto sauce. Topped with your choice of proteins with pico de gallo
Cilantro Pesto Pasta

This pasta was surprisingly delectable with its distinct yet controlled flavor. It's all creamy and tasty which made me really love it. The serving, on the other hand, is not as huge for the price.

Bacon Burger || P455
Topped with crispy bacon, aged cheddar cheese, mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion and pickle
Bacon Burger of Chili's

This Bacon Burger was made really interesting because of the aged cheddar cheese. For me, it was what made this burger noteworthy.

Alfredo Pasta || P450 - Chicken || P535 - Shrimp
Penne pasta tossed in creamy Alfredo sauce. Topped with your choice of protein diced tomatoes, green onions, Cajun spice and Parmesan Cheese
Chili's Alfredo Pasta

This Alfredo Pasta was something that I also enjoyed because of its creaminess and the tasty grilled chicken. However, although the flavor was just right, I liked the Cilantro Pesto better.

A Not-So-Popular Kid (FSRM) in Chili's

Well, there you go! I hope you found this blog post helpful in someway. Now, let me share with you our photo when we visited Chili's!

Chili's- Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P300 each (with the P999 promo) and P400 for a medium sharing-type of dining experience for a group of at least 4

Overall, I was able to find our dining experience here in Chili's satisfactory. There may be nothing extremely spectacular about the dishes we had, but I have to admit that they were indeed highly comforting. My only concern about this restaurant is the relative expensiveness of the dishes. If not for the P999, I would have felt regretful about the money I would additionally shell out.

Location: Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City

Contact No.: (02) 246 9069 ext:110
Service Charge: 10% before VAT
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