Your Local - A Fancy but "a little" Expensive Restaurant in Makati City

Your Local Restaurant in Makati City

In celebration of my brother and sister's birthday, we decided to try out something that we haven't tried. My sister tried searching the net, and ended up with a name of a restaurant - Your Local. Upon hearing this, I felt really excited mostly because of the great things I hear about this place (i.e. friends at work telling me how they loved the food in the said restaurant.

Your Local facade - Makati City

Popularity = Long Lines
Since I already knew that the place gets easily filled up, I attempted to ask for a seat reservation. However, no one was answering my call. Since this was the case, we needed to take the risk and try to reach the place as early as possible (which unfortunately didn't happen). With this we needed to wait for more than 30 minutes. Unfortunately, even if it wasn't the fault of the restaurant (more so of the staff), I got a little impatient.

Anyway, thankfully after a few moments of meditation and appreciation of the great interior of Your Local, I was able to recover. Oh wait, I'm boring you now to death, so let me skip those parts and proceed with what we had that time.

Parmesan Fries || P120
Parmesan fries with truffled ketchup

The parmesan fries was salty on its own, but with the truffled ketchup, it became interesting but not much.

Truffle Cream Fettucini || P670
Shijiki, shitake mushroom, parmesa, fettuccini, truffle cream
Truffle Cream Fettucini of Your Local

The truffle pasta had this balanced and well-blended flavors that could be considered light yet tasty. However, I would say that it's overpriced, and I may just go for the truffle pasta of Dillinger's at only P299.

Torched Salmon Donburi || P540 
Torched Norwegian salmon (cooked medium), metaiko, ebiko and salmon skin on roast corn and shitake black rice
Torched Salmon Donburi of Your Local

The salmon donburi was really incredible with its premium freshness. It also had this marked sweetness that harmoniously danced with the fish. Still, kinda overpriced.

Lamb Rendang || P530
Lamb rendang, sous vide organic egg, sweet soy, mint, cilantro with red raisin
Lamb Rendang of Your Local

The lamb rendang was salty and had this disturbing intensity of that saltiness. It was a good thing that the rice cushioned the flavor bringing the taste to a somewhat tolerable level.

Chorizo Sandwich || P490
1/3 pound burnt onion and chorizo patty, pepperoncini cream cheese, fried egg, seasonal greens on a squid ink bun with parmesa fries and chorizo ketchup

The chorizo burger came in with such a striking appeal. It also featured a great tasting patty. However, the mayo and ketchup sauce, or what seems to be the sauce, steals away the attention. Well, I was just bothered because the sauce tasted that of (forgive me for this comparison, but this is just an opinion)... a Burger Mcdo.

Braised Beef Pasta || P430
Slow cooked beef, red wine reduction, torched parmesa cheese on fettuccini
Braised Beef Pasta of Your Local

The braised beef pasta had this tomatoey goodness that went well with the al dente pasta. While the presentation was awesome on this one, I found the taste highly predictable but fine.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Your Local

Anyway, just want to share with you this memory -- my brother and sister's birthday!

Your Local - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: At least P425 each for a sharing type of dining experience coming in a group of 4

Overall, I found my experience here in Your Local satisfactory but not sufficient enough to exceed my expectations. Yes, the staff were very friendly and accommodating, but the prices of the dishes as well as all the waiting raised the bar so high that it became too difficult to surpass.

With this, I would say that this restaurant is good for trying, but I am doubtful as to returning back because of the expensiveness.

Your Local
Location: Universal LMS Building, 106 Esteban St., Legaspi Village, Brgy., San Lorenzo, Makati

Contact No.: (02) 823 6206 or +63917 654 3355
Service Charge: 10% before VAT

Reservation is highly recommended
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