Enjoying the Perfect Coke Just Like Your First Time

Although I can't distinctly remember at what age (it maybe during my Grade 1) I first had my coke, I can still recall how I felt. The tingling sensation of the fizz paired with the ice cold temperature gliding down my throat was memorably satisfying and thrilling. As a kid, it tasted like an ultra special and out-of-this-world drink.  Yeah, no kidding.

We were restricted by our parents to drink soft drinks for so long; hence, being able to finally drink it was both exhilarating and liberating.

The Perfect Coke - Enjoy it the ideal way!
The Perfect Coke - Enjoy it the ideal way!

However, as years started to go by really fast, and my body feeling a slight wear & tear, I decided to cut down my sugar intake by avoiding soft drinks and artificially flavored juices. Although this is the case, I still get to have a couple of sips once in a while. One example of such case is when I got this adorable cooler with 2 coke bottles in their ideal condition or more known as the perfect coke.

Making the Perfect Coke
Here's the thing, a coke is said to be perfect when it is ice cold (i.e. temperature is only 3 degrees above the freezing point) because that is when you maximize the fizzing. Hence, the moment the drink touches your mouth, all the fizz will go dancing and partying.

You can achieve this state for your coke in two ways:
  1. Store the Coke bottle in the fridge for a couple of hours
  2. Place the Coke bottle inside a cooler with lots and lots of ice
The adorable portable cooler of Coca-Cola housing the Perfect Coke
The adorable portable cooler of Coca-Cola housing the Perfect Coke

My Personal Encounter with the Drink
Upon having a few gulps from the bottle, I was suddenly hit by this nostalgic feeling I used to get when I drink coke (in a plastic) bought from the sari-store. Now, as for the taste, it was honestly the same, but the core difference lies on the sensation from the fizz and of course the coldness of the drink. Plus, you'll get a dose of nostalgic pulses as it reminds you of your first.

Now how about you? What particular memory can you recall drinking an ice cold Coke? 
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