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I can still vividly remember my elementary days when I used to have Gardenia Cream Roll choco-filling as baon almost everyday, and I feel happy to share with you that they still have those today, although they might have changed form already over the years. Today, Gardenia Philippines brings us the amazing yet affordable Cream Rolls for only P10.

Gardenia Cream Rolls for a Barkada's Favorite Snack
Gardenia Cream Rolls for a Barkada's Favorite Snack

Gardenia Cream Rolls - a fun-filled snack for barkadas and the like! 
Frankly speaking, I've lived more than half of my life being with Gardenia, and throughout those years, I seemed to have made a bond with it already. As I briefly recall it, I used to have a choco-filled bun when I was in elementary, and I often get so excited for recess because I would be able to eat the soft and tasty bun with its oozing chocolate. Aaaaah, those literally sweet memories!

Gardenia Cream Rolls for a Fun-Filled Barkada Moments!
Gardenia Cream Rolls for a Fun-Filled Barkada Moments!
Cream Roll Barkada Pack - Txt to Win Promo
Cream Roll Barkada Pack - Txt to Win Promo

As a confession, during those years, I used to be a really loner-kid with only a couple of friends. Hence, I normally eat the bun alone on my seat. The only friend that always joined me during those snack times was the Gardenia snack I was munching on. Of course this is just an exaggeration to make it more dramatic, but yes, that part of eating alone from time-to-time is a true story.

Now, that I'm already a grown-up man, and no longer the loner kid I used to be, I get to share my stories, adventures and tales with my friends, but aside from these, I get to share with them the food I have with me (although sometimes it gets mandatory). Luckily, Gardenia came up with something share-able for barkadas -- the Gardenia Cream Rolls!

Currently there are six (6) variants of these Cream Roll that feature some of your most-loved ice cream flavors!

Gardenia Cream Roll Rocky Road || Gardenia Cream Roll Ube || Gardenia Cream Roll Chocolate
Gardenia Cream Roll Choco-Strawberry || Gardenia Cream Roll Cookies and Cream || Gardenia Cream Roll Cheese

These buns feature a soft tasty bread with a sweet filling of your choice! Since there are 6 flavors to choose from, you can have a different flavor for each day (well, except Sunday, unless you repeat one). I was able to try some of the cream rolls, and they reminded me of the pandesal with ice cream! It further reminded me of my childhood and teen years. 

Gardenia Cream Roll as a Barkada's Favorite Snack
Again, what's good about the cream rolls aside from their affordability is that it's perfect for sharing with your barkada in school, work or neighborhood. In fact, you may conveniently purchase a Barkada Pack with 4 different flavors for only P40 in your favorite grocery stores or supermarkets!

As a working individual, I now understand the importance of savings, and I realized that this could make me do the trick more. With only P10, I already have one snack to munch on!

Gardenia Cream Roll Text to Win Promo
On top of all these, Gardenia launched a Text to Win promo where you may WIN amazing gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy S5, GoPro Hero 3 Cameras, Samsung 7.0 Tablet, & Samsung Dualview Cameras and other exciting prizes like gift certificates & bread packages.

It's very easy to join this promo! All you need to do is to text the promo code found in every Barkada Pack purchased to 2948! You may visit for the full mechanics of the promo.

What are you waiting foodie friends, grab this opportunity to win amazing prizes! This promo runs from October 15 to November 30, 2014!

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