Metro Vigan Cafe - a taste of Ilocano Cuisine (2 of 2)

Picking up from the part 1 of this post, let me now show you the remaining dishes we were able to indulge on for our Vigan Road Trip

In case you haven't read it yet, check out the introductory post for this restaurant - Metro Vigan Cafe - an Ilocandia Cuisine Experience (1 of 2)

Sisig Crispy Bagnet || P148 
A hearty and tasty appetizer with a twist of crisp and crunch - chopped crispy bagnet with secret spices topped with egg garnish with mayo for creamy and crispy texture!
Great and affordable sisig of Metro Vigan Cafe
Great and affordable sisig of Metro Vigan Cafe
This sisig was at the peak of its pure simple goodness! It had some suave taste that was remarkably tasty and creamy. On the other hand, the egg was really subtle to the point that you don't recognize its flavor anymore, but there's no issue with that.

Pinaputok na Tilapia || P158 
Stuffed with fresh tomatoes, onions and ginger, this steamed tilapia will surely make the tummy "burst"
The Pinaputok na Tilapia of Metro Vigan Cafe
The Pinaputok na Tilapia of Metro Vigan Cafe
Tilapia is really something I've grown to love because it is usually served at home, and fortunately, this Pinaputok na Tilapia didn't become a source of any disappointment. I just love how the essence of tomatoes, onions and ginger seeped into the fish meat. The resulting blend was sweet with a subtle sourness. Yes, somehow it reminded me of a sweet and sour fish, but this was definitely better.

Bulalo || P288
Cooked with enough time, patience and spice.
Bulalo - a favorite Filipino dish served here in Metro Vigan Cafe
Bulalo - a favorite Filipino dish served here in Metro Vigan Cafe
Metro Vigan Cafe's Bulalo
A closer look of the Bulalo - expect a generous serving of the meat
Although this Bulalo is notably expensive, I didn't find anything extremely special about it. However, if you are craving for some hearty soup, feel free to order this one up!

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Metro Vigan Fried Rice || P98 (small) || P168 (med) || P208 (large)
Metro Vigan Fried Rice that had a semblance with a Chinese-style Fried rice
Metro Vigan Fried Rice that had a semblance with a Chinese-style Fried rice
If you are a fan of Chinese-style fried rice, you will be able to appreciate this one. I, on the other hand, prefer the plain rice, since I wanted to focus on the flavors of the viands themselves.

Crispy Bagnet || P258 
A classic Ilocano dish, deep fried pork belly crisp to perfection
Famous Dish of Ilocos - Crispy Bagnet by Metro Vigan Cafe
The source of the ultimate guilty pleasure here in Ilocos, Bagnet! 
Now, this is something you should definitely not miss - Crispy Bagnet! After all, you can never claim you've been to Ilocos if you won't be having the famous bagnet! Anyway, this version of Metro Vigan Cafe is something I grew very fond of because of the innate tastiness and of course the added spice to it. It was undoubtedly crunchy, tasty and "guilt-full".

Chopsuey || P168
Believed to be of Chinese origin and one of Filipinos Favorites, this starch chicken dish mixed with greens and meat will surely leave you feeling healthy
Metro Vigan Cafe's own take of the Chopsuey Vegetable Dish
Metro Vigan Cafe's own take of the Chopsuey Vegetable Dish
This chopseuy had a lot of twists in terms of preparation. As you may notice, Metro Vigan Cafe adds an egg yolk on top of the chopseuy, which was a first on my books. Then, it lets the vegetables swim in a sauce that has a thicker consistency, which I found rather unusual.

Hito at Talong || P198 
Pan fried cat fish and grilled eggplants stewed in smoked coconut milk
Hito at Talong in Coconut-based sauce
Hito at Talong in Coconut-based sauce
If you've eaten laing before, you will generally have an idea of how this dish tastes like. Basically, this Hito at Talong is drenched in a creamy sauce infused with coconut milk, and spiced by some sili (chili pepper). 

Note: Be careful of the fish bones.

Kalderetang Pato || P228
House specialty braised duck and tomato stew with secret herbs and spices. Recommended by the house.
Kalderetang Pato - unique dish of Metro Vigan Cafe
If you are looking for something unique and somehow exotic, you should definitely go for this one! The sauce had a peculiar yet intriguing mix of tausi flavor and tomato. Plus, it's made out of duck!

End of the Food Exploration in Metro Vigan Cafe
There you go! We basically tried all the dishes available here in this newly opened restaurant of Metro Vigan Inn. Hopefully, you got an idea of what to order the next time you have an opportunity to drop by this place.

Hmmm, what are the dishes that got your attention? I will love to hear them!

Metro Vigan Cafe
Location: Bayubay Norte, San Vicente, Ilocus Sur
Contact Nos.: (077) 674-0448 or (+63917) 824-3800

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