Discover Great Food in Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant in the street of Ongpin, Binondo
Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant in the street of Ongpin, Binondo
With a rather funny and interesting name, Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant is now getting more and more attention due to its delicious and authentic Chinese dimsum and dishes! This incredible place (with some qualifications which you will learn more about later) is found in the long busy streets of Ongpin along the border between Sta. Cruz and Binondo, Manila.

The interior of Lucky Rainbow Restaurant - Binondo Branch
The interior of Lucky Rainbow Restaurant - Binondo Branch
A Love at First Bite?
I was given a quick teaser introduction (of what the restaurant can offer) when my dad brought home some siomai from here. Thinking that it was just "one of those siomai (wait, how do we pluralize siomai?)", I just took a piece with lack of vigor, but that was until it touched my taste buds! Holy cow! It was pure love with all the potent flavor from the steamed wrapped meat!

Anyway, thankfully, we got the chance to visit the place itself, and try once more the siomai as well as the other dishes found here in this restaurant. Now, join me as we explore Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant! Here we go!

The first one up was a component of the famous Chinese Cold Cuts, the Pork Asado!

Asado in Honey Sauce || P200 
Asado with Honey Sauce of Lucky Rainbow Restaurant
Asado cooked in Honey Sauce with a hoisen-based sauce to add more diversity
This asado of Lucky Rainbow was cooked in a honey sauce resulting to a sweet and glazy appeal. As a result, the asado was delectable on its own. However, Lucky Rainbow wants to raise the foodie experience by providing a separate hoisen -based sauce, which has a strong sweet-and-peanuty tang.

Personally, I highly appreciated the dish because of its uniqueness and greatness!

If you are fonder of a leaner cut of Pork Asado, you may want to check out The Original Sa Lido Restaurant. Its asado comes with a sweeter and thinner sauce.
Yang Chow Fried Rice || P210
Chinese Yang Chow Fried Rice - Lucky Rainbow Restaurant
The Yang Chow fried rice of Lucky Rainbow to go with your dimsum dishes!
It's hard to differentiate Yang Chow fried rice from others that I tried, so I'm just gonna skip this part!

Steamed Fish Fillet with Tofu in Tausi Sauce || P280
The salty steamed fish fillet with tofu in tausi sauce
Resting on a bed of thinly sliced tofu and then blanketed with a tausi sauce, the fish fillet brought something relatively new to my taste buds. Unfortunately, due to my low tolerance on saltiness, I failed to appreciate the dish in its optimum level.

The tofu was there to cushion the salty character, but the attempt was somewhat futile. In the end, the buoyant flavor was the saltiness followed by some sweetness.

Steamed Siomai - 4 pcs || P78 
The Best Siomai of Manila - Lucky Rainbow Restaurant
The best ever Steamed Siomai of Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
This siomai was by far the best I've had taking down Golden Fortune from its throne. The taste was sharp and suave at the same time highlighted by a mushroomy taste and a very subtle sweetness!

"We got a winner in the house!"

Three Cup Chicken in Pot || P280
Chinese Dish - Three Cup Chicken in Pot
The weirdly named dish - Three Cup Chicken in a Pot of Lucky Rainbow
This Three Cup Chicken was somehow interesting but had something a little off with its sauce. It was sweet at first, then suddenly leaves a light unidentifiable aftertaste. I dunno, maybe I just expected high because of its unusual name. Anyway, to further give you a clue about the taste, it can be likened to Sweet and Sour Pork only less sweet and more complex.

Trivia: According to my dad, the dish got its name because of the 3 special sauces used to come up with the dish!

Steamed Xiao Long Bao (or Siao Long Pao) - 4 pcs. || P98 
I asked the waiter what the best seller is here in this restaurant, and he said it was the Xiao Long Bao. Putting our trust on him, we decided to order 2 of it.
Xiao Long Bao of Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
The delicate, rich and "soupy" Xiao Long Bao - something this restaurant is famous for!
The best-selling Xiao Long Bao of Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
The best-selling Xiao Long Bao of Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant
This Xiao Long Bao (XLB) was incredibly fantastic, and so far stood out among those that I've already tried, although admittedly, I haven't tasted a lot of this one yet. Anyway, this XLB of Lucky Rainbow had a spectacular meat core that tasted genuinely Chinese with the veggy spices used. As a result, the soup inside from the steaming process tasted so awesome as well! 

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Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant - Ratings 
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars.
Place ★★
Taste ★★
Service ★★
Price ★★ (I know this is a pure downer!)
Budget: at least P280 each person

With pure honesty, I really enjoyed our dining experience here in Lucky Rainbow! In fact, if there is one restaurant here in Binondo that I need to recommend, I'll put this on top of the list. The sheer downer, however, is the heavy premiums you need to additionally pay for great quality. Considering the place isn't that amazing, I don't think the the value of the peso spent here is well-maximized.

In short, the choice is yours depending on what you value more. Nevertheless, I really think you should try the Xiao Long Bao and Steamed Siomai here!

Lucky Rainbow Restaurant
Location: 839-841 Padilla St. Cor Ongpin, Binondo, Manila

Contact No.:(02) 313-8584 / (02) 733-0114
Service Charge: 10%

Other Branches:
  • Makati Branch - 2224 Patriarch Bldg. Pasong Tamo St. cor Don Bosco, Makati City
  • Quezon City Branch - Unit 201-204 Z-Square Mall, Del Monte Avenue Cor Banawe St.

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  1. If it's about PRICE, I would go to King Chef, Lucky China Town, Binondo.
    During certain times..... like 2:00PM to 4:45PM I think, they would give 50% discount to some of their menu.

  2. Thanks for this information Croosboy! Golden Fortune also offers discounts on its dimsum during off peak hours. I haven't tried King Chef yet, but now I am very eager to. Thanks again Croosboy! :)

  3. Yessss qc branch! I like your recommendation stamp, nice touch :)

  4. Thank you Sheena! Haha! I like the stamps too, thanks for noticing them! Anyway, I saw your latest blog post, so cool! Keep 'em coming! :)

  5. 3 cups chicken is from 1 cup wine, 1 cup sesame oil, 1 cup soy sauce. the aftertaste is probably the basil.

  6. Oooh, thanks for the added knowledge! :D

  7. even for Blog standards, your writing is atrocious. just horrible and cringeworthy.

  8. Thanks for your honesty! I'll take this into consideration, but I have an honest advise as well. If you hate the way I write, there are other blog sites you can visit. :)


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