Authentic Contemporary Korean Cuisine in Chef's Noodle Restaurant

Chef's Noodle from Korea to Philippines - Robinsons Magnolia
Chef's Noodle from Korea to Philippines - Robinsons Magnolia
I was introduced to Chef's Noodles when it first opened in the University Mall near the school I graduated from. It became such a hit because it brought something new to the DLSU food scene. Unfortunately, that one needs to bid its goodbye this coming May 2014, since only a few people drop by the mall nowadays. Luckily, as the saying goes, when something or someone leaves another and perhaps better will take its place.

Anyway, what I want to say with my a little bit cheesy and messy introduction is that Chef Noodles recently just opened up another branch in Robinsons Magnolia, and I was lucky enough to be invited to check the place out!

The cozy interior of Chef's Noodle in Robinsons Magnolia
The cozy interior of Chef's Noodle in Robinsons Magnolia
A Little Something About the Restaurant
Chef's Noodles is a contemporary Korean restaurant serving the creations of Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun! Aside from the noodles (as the name suggests), this restaurant also offers a sufficiently wide variety of Korean dishes which you will learn more about later.

Chef's Noodles - Robinsons Magnolia BranchChef Noodles - Korean Restaurant

Located beside Robinsons Appliance Center and Hainanese Delights in the ground level of Robinsons Magnolia, this branch of Chef Noodles gives out a sense of exclusivity primarily because it is situated in the corner of the mall. It also provides a peaceful personal space due to the figurative warmness and coziness of the place.

A different angle showing the interior of Chef's Noodle
A different angle showing the interior of Chef's Noodle
Now, you may have gotten bored with a lot of my blabbering, so I'm now going to show to you what we feasted on! Let's start with some amazing and interesting!

Starking Fire Sushi Collection
Sticky rice balls topped with your choice of meat that will surely delight your culinary senses. The dish is torched in front of your very eyes for added excitement.
The menu description was right! It was really exciting to watch the top of the sushi getting torched.Check out the photos below, since I got the chance to capture the torching in action.

Beef Sushi || P245 
Starking Fire Beef Sushi - a signature dish of Chef Noodles
Starking Fire Beef Sushi - a signature dish of Chef 's Noodle

The process of making this sushi dish was really fascinating with all the torching and stuff. Plus, you have the option of how the beef should be done (i.e. medium rare, well done etc). However, I found this beef sushi unexpectedly plain; perhaps my taste buds were just warming up.

Shrimp Sushi || P298 
Starking Fire Shrimp Sushi of Chef's Noodle
Time for some seafood with the starking fire Shrimp Sushi!
How to Torch a Sushi - Chef's Noodles
A closer look: Torching the Shrimp Sushi!
Luckily, both the tuna and the shrimp ones were enjoyable relative to the first one. I need to admit however that they still have some plainness when it ones to the flavor, but I guess that was the reason why I loved them both!

Tuna Sushi || P225

Among the 3, it was the Shrimp Sushi that I appreciated the most. The taste was just plain yet uberly fantastic at the same time! Go for the shrimp!

Bulgogi Kimbap || P125
A Korean Version of Japanese sushi. Sticky rice with combination of meat and vegetables tenderly rolled and wrapped in seaweed sheet. Accompanied with a special blend of Korean soy sauce.
Bulgogi Kimbap for appetizer in Chef's Noodle Restaurant
Bulgogi Kimbap for appetizer in Chef's Noodle Restaurant

This Bulgogi Kimbap was nice with a noticeably weak flavor at first. Fret not, because as you consume more of it, the flavor accumulates momentum. Frankly, it wasn't way-over-the-top awesome, but I still appreciated it!

Ddukbokki Carbonara || P245 
An Italian inspired dish with an Asian twist. Using soft and chewy Korean rice cake blended with creamy peppered mushroom sauce, combined with diced ham. A tryly East meets West culinary treat!
Korean Style Carbonora by Chef's Noodle
Something fun and new for your palate - Korean Style Carbonara!
I was deeply intrigued by this Korean-style Carbonara when I saw it on the menu; hence, I immediately included it in our to-order list (which I suggest you do the same thing).

The pasta is surely a must-try because of its magnificent uniqueness, and I'm sure your palate will appreciate something really new! Expect to savor prominent sweetness and creaminess together with the chewy Korean rice cake as pasta substitute.

A Friendly Tip: Although the taste is refreshingly new, you may be overwhelmed by the taste. Hence, you need someone to share this with.

Leek Shrimp Twigim || P345
A delectable good to share korean fusion dish of fresh leeks and shrimp in a special tempura batter with curry
Korean Leek Shrimp Twigim Dish
Vegetable indulgence in this special Korean Twigim dish!
This dish offered a potent overall taste coming from three main components, namely the shrimps, the leeks and the curry. Veggy lovers will surely appreciate this (and the opposite is true)! However, be sure you are coming with a group as well because this one is made for sharing.

Pajun || P245 for Seafoood and P198 for Bulgogi
Korean version of pancakes in a light and tasty batter infused with meat or seafood and hand-picked veggies
Korean vegetable pancake with sesame seeds
This Pajun had essentially the same taste with the Leek Shrimp Twigim minus the oiliness and curry plus the egg.

Japchae || P195
Translated as "a mixture of vegetables", this dish is made with glass noodles, stir fried with various vegetables and beef in soy sauce
Korean stir-fried noodles, Japchae in Chef's Noodle
Korean stir-fried noodles, Japchae in Chef's Noodle
Sadly, I only got the chance to take a photo of this but not taste it, but judging on the photo, I think it may be pleasurable to indulge in.

Shrimp Twigim || P345
Korean version of the famous temppura dish lightly coated with seasoned twigim mix and fried until tender. Served with onion rings.
Shrimp Twigim of Chef's Noodles
Although relatively expensive compared to other disheso offered here in Chef's Noodles, this Shrimp Twigim was nice due to the freshness of the shrimps used. Also, I was able to highly appreciate the sauce because it perfectly complemented the twigim.

Bibimbap || P125
A bowl of warm white rice topped with fresh seasoned vegetables, choice of meat and special bibimbap sauce, garnished with nori strips and raw egg
Korean vegetable rice bow called Bibimbap
Korean vegetable rice bow called Bibimbap
Korean Bibimbap in Chef's Noodles
This is how it looks like after you enjoy mixing the Bibimbap

Chef's Noodle || Signature Dish || P225
A house specialty, this dish comprises of beef broth base with korean noodles topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, samsek, spring onion egg roll and bulgogi
Korean Noodles of Chef's Noodles
The signature Chef's Noodle - all hot and steamy
Chef's Noodles - Korean Restaurant
A soup that can warm you hearts - Chef's Noodle!
One thing that differentiated this Chef's Noodle among other noodles (especially the ramen) was the hint of spice found in the dish that sparks up the overall flavor. You'll find nothing too complex about the taste, so you will find it suave and enjoyable.

Oh, another thing that I love about this Chef's Noodles is the affordability, unlike other Japanese noodles that cost more than P350.

Stairway to Heaven Dessert || P175
Stairway to Heaven Ice Cream Dessert by Chef's Noodles
3 ice cream flavors in this Stairway to Heaven dessert!
Now, for the desserts, we had the Stairway to Heaven (such as fun name derived from the popular TV series a few years back). It was a nice ender, but I think it would have been nicer if we tried something more unique here in Chef's Noodles such as the Full House Sherbet, Lover's in Paris and Coffee Prince Smoothie!

In a Nutshell
I was delighted by my experience here in Chef's Noodles because of the adventure my palate had! Special mention to the Korean carbonara and the Stark Fire Shirmp Sushi! To cut everything short, I believe it is really worthwhile to dine here especially if you really adore Korean cuisine!

Now, I would love to hear from you! Share your experience here in Chef's Noodle!

Budget: At least P300 to enjoy the Chef's Noodle and a drink!

Chef's Noodles
Location: Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City

Contact No.: (02) 6567033

Menu and Prices:
Menu and Prices of Chef's Noodle

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