CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in Techno Plaza, Quezon City

The first branch of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in the Philippines
The first branch of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in the Philippines located in Techno Plaza
Just yesterday (April 8, 2014), I was invited to try out the milk teas and fresh juice of CoCo. Since I always look forward to learning more about healthier lifestyle, I decided to give it a go! Now, I am going to share with you my tea-juice experience here in CoCo, but before that let me give you a brief background about this store.

A Brief Background about CoCo
Originating in Taiwan, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice started expanding in 1997 with China, where it got really known as the leading and biggest fresh-drinks brand, as its first venture. Soon after, CoCo started exploring other markets such as New York, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Los Angeles, Singapore, South Africa and eventually Philippines. Now, breaking the 1,500 mark for the number of stores worldwide, CoCo has now established a reputation as the leading freshly made-tea and juice brand.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Philippines
CoCo's drinks are made with fresh leaf tea and fruits!
To keep things more interesting, CoCo invited Chris Everingham of Philippine Volcanoes to speak about health and fitness matters, where he pointed out the following:
  • It's good to try it your own, but oftentimes it is better to leave juicing to the expert.
  • Home exercises such as squats, lunges and push-up may tone and build up muscles, so this means we don't have any excuses staying fit.
  • Fun runs are indeed fun, but they have lower potential in making your muscles firm as opposed to sprinting. 
  • Old habits can be replaced by knowing how to start small and providing yourself with some rewards.
Chris Everingham talks about Health, Wellness and Fitness
Chris Everingham talks about Health, Wellness and Fitness
Anyway, Chris is such an amazing person because he just inspired me to start moving and exercising around. I had some conversation going with him, and he insisted that I should start somewhere now if I want to be fitter. He even put emphasis on his point earlier about the significance of small steps in reaching your goal.

It's Tea and Juice Time!
After the short presentation of Chris, we were introduced to the drinks collection of CoCo which I found considerably wide. There are basically 6 categories of drinks to choose from:
  1. Fruit Tea - concoction of fresh fruits and tea leaves
  2. Tasty Milk Tea - the traditional favorites!
  3. Cream and Latte - comparable to tasty milk tea but only creamier with its famous salty cream
  4. Fresh Tea - nothing but the pure goodness of tea
  5. Juice - for a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  6. Chocolate - for some guilty pleasures!
The amazing and refreshing drinks of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice
The amazing and refreshing drinks of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice!
 Salty Cream Milk Tea || P90 - Regular || P100 - Large
One of the 3 bestsellers - CoCo's Salty Cream Milk Tea
One of the 3 bestsellers - CoCo's Salty Cream Milk Tea!
As much as I want to try everything, I couldn't because I already started to feel bloated with the other drinks I've tried. Hence, for this, I just asked my fellow blogger friend what she can say about this. She noted that it was lovely, but she would further appreciate it if the taste of the salty cream would float even more. 

Here are some of the guests CoCo invited to grace the event.
Laureen Uy, Chris Everingham, Gretchen Ho and Selina Dagdag with the store owner of CoCo
Laureen Uy, Chris Everingham, Gretchen Ho and Selina Dagdag with the store owner of CoCo

Grapefruit & Orange Tea || P90 - Regular
Pineapple Black Tea Jelly || P90 - Regular
Grapefruit & Orange Tea and Pineapple Black Tea Jelly

Salty Cream Chocolate || P90 - Regular || P100 - Large + P20 for pudding
CoCo's Salty Cream Chocolate
Salty Cream Chocolate with extra pudding for more fun!
This Salty Cream Chocolate was the one suggested by one of the staff when I tried ordering for something chocolate. She insisted that I try this one because it's a popular choice. Giving her the full trust, I decided to go for that one, and luckily I did because it was indeed awesome!

It had this rich cocoa taste layered upon by the subtle saltiness of the salty cream. Also, the extra pudding I asked for further added more dimension and excitement to the drink. Unfortunately, the only thing that didn't went along was the pearls. I don't know if it was just a personal preference, but it didn't sail well together with the other great components.

Before I proceed, let me just dedicate this portion to the awesome crew behind CoCo! Seeing their accommodating smiles really made me appreciate more the drinks served!
The friendly and smiling crew of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice
The friendly and smiling crew of CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice
CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice Crew
The great people behind the great juice and milk tea in CoCo!

Passion Fruit Tea Burst || P90- Regular || P100 - Large
CoCo's Bestselling Passion Fruit Tea Burst
The best-selling Passion Fruit tea burst that will take you away!
According one of the staff, this Passion Fruit Tea is the number 1 best-seller among all drinks available here in CoCo. This is why when this was served to me, I got pretty excited to have a sip. I'll tell you, it was really strikingly refreshing especially with its controlled level of fruity sweetness. What made me love this even more was the excitement from the chewiness of the nata and the crunchiness of the passion fruit seeds (although I would have appreciated it more if the sago was more soft that will somehow melt as you chew).

Gretchen Ho endorsing the fresh juice and milk tea of CoCo
Gretchen Ho with the fresh juice and milk tea of CoCo

To conclude this blog post, I would say that I appreciated the drinks of CoCo for two prime reasons. First off, I just love how I can actually taste the freshness of the juice and tea. Second, CoCo's selections of fruit-tea combinations are simply amazing and totally refreshing! If you happen to be near this tea store, give it a try, and let's see how it'll go. For those who were able to try it already, share away your juice and tea experience with us

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Location: Second Floor, Techno Plaza, Eastwood Citywalk, Libis, Quezon City

Budget: At most P100 for a large drink

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  1. That chocolate drink looks interesting. I hope they have a branch nearer my place though. :D

  2. I'm not a tea person so I'd love to try the juices and chocolate.

  3. Thanks Kuya! I also love the choco drink! Oo nga eh, I hope they open more branches that are near. :)

  4. Haha! Actually, I'm indifferent when it comes to tea, but I manage to enjoy it when I drink it. Haha! Try the lemon calamansi when you get the chance. Sabi nila it's really refreshing! :)

  5. I am always game in discovering food. Milk tea is not an exception.

  6. I would love to try the Salty Cream Chocolate :)

  7. I've actually been trying other Lemon with Aloe variants at other tea shops but so far, the Lemon Calamansi with Aloe is my favorite. Hopefully, they open a Makati Branch soon!

  8. That's the right foodie attitude! Thanks jellybabe for sharing your thoughts! :)

  9. the Salty Cream Milk Tea seems yummy. hope to win :)

  10. Best of luck Camille! Thanks for joining in my first blog giveaway! :)

  11. You're welcome Vhena! Congrats on your GC, and yes I know Theresa, and we are good friends! :)

  12. good to know they opened a branch here! i always get my coco fix when i go to taiwan. :)

  13. Wow! That's great news! Thanks for dropping by Khristine, you can now have your CoCo fix here! :)


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