Del Monte Kitchenomics - New Season this 2014 with Carla Abellana and Chef Jackie Ang Po

Del Monte Kitchenomics 2014
The Launching of New Season of Del Monte Kitchenomics for February 2014
To be aired every Wednesdays and Saturdays just before Eat Bulaga
Del Monte has always been a kitchen partner for most moms and cooks out there when it comes to cooking. (Even my mom always have them in our pantry). However, Del Monte felt that they could still push its being a culinary partner to a higher level, and thus came up with a brief cooking show we all are knowledgeable about - Del Monte Kitchenomics! Here's the good news - they will be airing a new season for fresh new recipes this 2014, and I was lucky to be invited for this Bloggers' Conference!

Del Monte Kitchenomics starring Ms. Carla Abellana and Chef Jackie Ang Po
Del Monte Kitchenomics starring Ms. Carla Abellana and Chef Jackie Ang Po

A New Season of Del Monte Kitchenomics this February 2014 in GMA

Del Monte, in partnership with GMA Network, proudly launches another season of Del Monte Kitchenomics to be hosted by the newest kitchen duo, Jackie Ang Po (a multi-awared pastry chef) and Carla Abellana (versatile Kapuso actress who stared in the popular show of My Husband's Lover).

Lasting about 5 minutes per episode, the Del Monte Kitchenomics will be aired every Wednesday and Saturday before the noon-time show, Eat Bulaga and every Sunday before Sunday All Stars in GMA 7 (beginning tomorrow, February 19, 2014).

Sample Dishes from the Established Recipe Authority - Del Monte Kitchenomics
In this Bloggers/Press Conference, we were served some of the dishes picked from the recipes of Del Monte Kitchenomics (which by the way can be accessed via its Facebook Page and Website).

One of them was this Kitchenomics Kaldereta:
Del Monte Kitchenomics Kaldereta
Kitchenomics Kaldereta - made with Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce
Well, even if this dish was just simple, the Kitchenomics Kalderata showcased some subtleness in its flavors. However, honesty forces me to say this is not one of the best ones I tasted, but I certainly found this tasty and great enough to satisfy my cravings for this dish!

Check out the recipe of this kaldereta/caldereta here: Classic Caldereta

Del Monte Kitchenomics Bloggers' Conference 2014
The lunch served in this Bloggers' Conference featuring the amazing Kaldereta from the Del Monte Kitchenomics Recipe!

Fiesta Float Dessert
Fiesta Float -  dessert made with Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail
Fiesta Float -  dessert made with Del Monte Fiesta Fruit Cocktail
I just love this amazing dessert! This Fiesta Float featured a mild level of sweetness causing the graham, cream and the fruits to blend well in terms of the taste. Above all, this has no "suya and umay factor" because, again, of the controlled level of sweetness.

Learn how to prepare this yourself by coursing through the recipe of Fiesta Float from the Del Monte Kitchenomics Website.

Kitchen and Food Talk with Carla Abellana and Chef Jackie Ang Po
Anyway, bloggers were given the opportunity to ask some questions to the kitchen duo, and so I asked Carla what her comfort food during stressful taping days. She said any Filipino dish is sufficient enough to bring comfort. With this, I assumed that Carla is a big fan of our very own cuisine!

Del Monte Kitchenomics New Season for 2014
Catch Carla and Chef Jackie every Wednesdays and Saturdays (lunch time) just before Eat Bulaga for cool and budget-friendly recipes!
I also asked Chef Jackie Ang Po what she can say to those just learning how to cook (since as you may not know, I am starting to learn the basics of cooking), and her answer was just simple, "Try and try and try...". Now, I am motivated more to try venturing into the world of cooking! Oh, also, she said that it is more advisable to refer first to recipes when you are just beginning to cook. As she puts it, "You need to learn first the basic letters before you can come up with words and more so for phrases and so on".

A Not-So-Popular Kid and Fellow Food Bloggers
I really enjoyed in this Bloggers' Conference because I came to know more fellow food bloggers! We shall see each other again soon in other events! You guys are awesome!
Renz Cheng (A Not-So-Popular Kid) with Czarina Santos and other food bloggers
A Not-So-Popular Kid with his fellow foodie friends and food bloggers!
Oh, I want to thank Czarina Santos for tagging along with me! You may not remember well, but I featured Cz Santos as my Foodie Friend of the Month for November.

Food Bloggers - Del Monte Kitchenomics
With the co-organizers and other food bloggers - It was nice to see you everyone!
Since I am a fan of Carla Abellana (and so was Cz), we decided to grab the opportunity to have a photo taken with her! Carla was really amazing plus all-friendly and warm! Oh by the way, she is a Lasallian too (ID 104) who took up AB (or was it BS) in Psychology.

Carla Abellana for New Season of Del Monte Kitchenomics
Renz Cheng (Me) and Cz Santos with Carla Abellana, a fellow Lasallian, in Del Monte Kitchenomics Bloggers' Conference
Aspiring to be a good cook someday, I decided to have some chit-chat with Chef Jackie, and she shared some tips to me! Upon having that chat, I experienced a surge of energy that made me want to really learn how to cook!
Chef Jackie Ang Po for Del Monte Kitchenomics 2014
With the amazing and multi-awarded Chef -- Chef Jackie Ang Po!=
Okay, that will be all for this blog post! Again, catch Del Monte Kitchenomics on Wednesdays and Saturdays (before Eat Bulaga) or on Sundays (before Sunday All-Star).

Check out more recipes from the Facebook Page of Del Monte Kitchenomics! Be in the know, and start exploring more dishes without depending on restaurants! It's time to craft something magnificent on our own fellow foodies!

It will be cool to know if you are learning how to cook like me. Share some of your stories below and your motivation to cook!

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