Affordable Meals in TOTO'S EATERY, Earnshaw Branch near UST

Alright, now that I get to be within the area a little more often, why don't I give making a food trip list within Espana-UST area a try? I will be needing some suggestions, so it will be great for you to share some good spots!

Let's begin with this first one - Toto's Earnshaw Branch!
Toto's Earnshaw Branch - home of affordable -silog meals
Toto's Earnshaw Branch - home of affordable -silog meals
Judging the book by its cover even though we are told not to, you may think that this place is "cheap". Well, it's both a yes and no, depending on which specific thing you are referring to.

Toto's Earnshaw Branch
Check out the happy eaters of Toto's including the sleepy one on the right

Cheap or Affordable Prices
As you may see in the photo, meals are only P50 to P60 inclusive already of a broth soup, rice and viand. This is an affirmation of the "cheapness of the place".

Prices of Meals in Toto's Eatery - Earnshaw Branch
Prices of Meals in Toto's Eatery - Earnshaw Branch

Not-So-Cheap Place
You may not easily recognize it through the photo, but there are CCTV cameras installed inside and perhaps even outside the eatery. This is a possible negation of the "cheapness of the place".

The Food
In a place like this, it is always better to lower your expectation. Also, for meals costing just P50+, it is practically unnatural to expect something really fancy (i.e. something garnished and all).

Now that you've been conditioned, let's check out some of the meals we ordered!

Note about the photos: These were captured via my friend's, Myles Sia, phone. Thanks!

Adobosilog (Adobo + Sinangag + Itlog + Free Broth Soup) || P55
Adobosilog Meal - Somewhat dry but still tasty
Despite being dry, the adobo was considerably decent in terms of taste (i.e. still was able to capture the typical recipe of Filipino Adobo). However, I may not go for this the next time I drop by.

 Calamares Chibog Meal + Free Broth Soup || P60 *Best-seller*
A hefty serving of calamares in Toto's Eatery
A hefty serving of calamares in Toto's Eatery
When I was deciding what to order, the kuya taking my order suggested that I order the calamares because it's a bestseller, and the serving is big. Trusting kuya's suggestion, I decided to go for it. Luckily, I didn't have to regret that decision. In fact, I felt like I deserve some 3 claps for choosing the right dish to order.

Frankly, it wasn't the best I had (which was quite obvious), but definitely this was far from being the worst I tried. In fact, considering the price I paid, this was fantastic enough. Yes, I needed to deal with the lack of freshness and tenderness with the squid, but the taste and serving made up for it.

Tapsilog (Tapa + Sinangag + Fried Egg + Free Broth Soup) || P50
The tocino-looking beef tapa of Toto's Eatery
The tocino-looking beef tapa of Toto's Eatery
Initially, I was deciding on this meal, but thanks for kuya's suggestion, I didn't order this one. Again, this was decent enough; however, I just didn't like the extreme food coloring and the extreme pepper taste. I wasn't disappointed, since I kept my expectations low, but most likely I won't go for this one the next time I give Toto's a visit.

Where to find Toto's Eatery near UST?
Map to Toto's Eatery Earnshaw Branch
Map to Toto's Eatery Earnshaw Branch
The one with the green arrow is the location; actually, it's somewhere in the corner in front of the Florida Bus Termina

So, there you have it - Toto's eatery! Hopefully, I get to try more places around UST area, so if you can recommend something to try that is something within the budget, do give a comment. Thanks!

Toto's (Earnshaw Branch)
Earnshaw Street
Sampaloc, Manila

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  1. Given that it's near my college building, it would still be considered expensive since engineering students are very kuripot. hahaha. but awesome find you had there! :P

    1. Wow! Really? Michy, maybe you know some places nearby which we can visit. Somewhere near this area. Haha! :)

  2. Charlette Ritz O. MagtrayoJune 5, 2014 at 9:45 PM

    there's Kazams in dapitan, UST:) i heard it's good there. There's also good chicken sisig in sisig express and devilled chicken in 1236 grillery:) you might want to visit there:)

  3. Ooh! Thanks for sharing this to us Charlette! I'm sure others will find your suggestion useful! :)


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