Czarina Santos is the "Foodie Friend of the Month" for November 2013

Czarina Santos - Foodie Friend of November 2013
Czarina Santos - Foodie Friend of November 2013
It's November my friends, and it's time for the next installment of my Foodie Friend of the Month series. I am proud to introduce to you Czarina "Cz" Santos - the foodie friend for the month of November!

In case you missed the pilot launch of my foodie friend of the month series, you may want to read about it here: Trixie Gonzales - Foodie Friend of October 2013

Share something interesting about you as a student and as a foodie.
As an accounting major, I think I grew this weird attachment with my calculator! I've been using the same calculator since seventh grade, and I even cried when I thought I forgot to bring it here with me from Dubai.
As a foodie, I just eat anything that looks good, tastes good and/or smells good. I think I'm lucky to have a fast metabolism because that means I get to eat a lot without having to gain so much weight! (Blogger's Note: Wow, we share the same gift Cz!)

Any food-related accomplishments?
I always make it a point that whenever I go out of town or out of the country, I already have a list of the dishes that I have to try in that particular area. And so far, with the recent places I've traveled to, I was able to tick them off the list! 
For instance, when I went to Palawan, I tried the local delicacy called tamilok or wood worm.
Cz Santos after eating Palawan's Tamilok or "wood worm"
Cz after eating Palawan's Tamilok or "wood worm"
Also, I recently tried teaching myself how to make desserts! So far, I was able to make two! Yema and a refrigerator cake!
Czarina Santos with her attempt to create yema desserts!
Czarina Santos with her attempt to create yema desserts! 

How do you personally define eating? 
Eating is something that should make you happy - which means you don't just bite to make yourself full but also to let yourself enjoy. 

What is your favorite cuisine and/or dish? Give us a brief story about this. 
This is hard! I think my favorite cuisine would be Italian just because my favorite restaurant happens to be an Italian resto, and I practically enjoy every pasta I ever tasted, so I guess it's really Italian. However, as for the food, I assume this doesn't have to be of the same "region", so I'd go for shawarma! Having spent half of my life in Dubai made it an automatic choice for me. My mom and I would go down the building and just cross the street and buy shawarmas from there. Eating legit arabic shawarma makes me feel at home!

When and how did you become a food enthusiast? 
I don't know when I started, but I think it's because of my mom. She always says, "Okay lang na gumastos ka basta pagkain, kasi kakainin mo din naman." It [the food preference] changes, and it depends on what I'm craving for the day, but you'll seldom see me inside a Japanese restaurant! 
Cz Santos in Dubai with her mom!
Cz Santos in Dubai with her mom!

What in particular do you enjoy here in A-Not-So Popular Kid? What blog post did you enjoy the most?
I like the fact that this blog makes me hungry every time! My favorite post would be the one where you featured Sincerity Chicken. That's because I actually tried the restaurant because of you! I ordered the same thing you ordered and I was so glad I trusted your review 'cuz it didn't disappoint me! (Blogger's Note: Awwww, thank you so much for those words Cz!)
The Sincerity Chicken that Cz Santos tried!
The Sincerity Chicken that Cz Santos tried!

Now before I end, I also asked Cz to answer 2 random questions among a handful that I prepared, and she chose to answer the following:

Have you ever felt guilty when you eat in buffets? Why so, or why not?
Nope! I always enjoy buffets, as I get to eat my favorites in unlimited servings, and it's what my tummy would have wanted too. Hence, I never really feel guilty over any serving I eat!

What is your worst food memory?
I was eating my birthday cotton candy, and my cousin appeared out of nowhere and lit up the helium-filled balloon I was holding. (Obviously, I survived!) However, I've lost my appetite for cotton candy since then.
Czarina Santos during one of her "nene" birthdays!
Czarina Santos during one of her "nene" birthdays! 

Thank you so much Cz for a very amusing story! Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed this one too! Don't hesitate to share what you think! If you found her story amusing, just go on and share what you have in mind! Let's all continue to be food enthusiasts!

Oh, by the way, CZ got a score of 83% on the Taft-Foodie Test I created. Do you think you can beat that? Then, why not give it a try?

Taft Foodie Test Score of Cz Santos!
Taft Foodie Test Score of Cz Santos!

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