Creamy LOTUS BISCOFF Cookie Butter Spread

Lotus Biscoff European Cookie Butter Spread
Lotus Biscoff European Cookie Butter Spread
Trader Joe's Speculoos may have dominated the market amid this cookie butter spread craze here in the Philippines; however, Lotus' Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread is slightly catching up!

The Speculoos Alternative

Lotus Biscoff European Cookie Spread is produced in Belgium (which I assume is the similar place where Trade Joe Speculoos is produced as well). We all know that Trader Joe's Speculoos is the more famous one (since it tapped the Ph market first). However, even if this is the case, Lotus Biscoff still deserves a spotlight because once the light strikes on this, it will start to sparkle. In short, this is a hidden gem!

The Cookie Butter Craze - Lotus Biscoff
The Cookie Butter Craze - Lotus Biscoff
The Taste
I got really hyped up when the product arrived, since I really had a fantastic taste experience when I had my first spoonful of Speculoos. Hence, what I did was to get a banana, open up the Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread jar, scoop a spoonful and voila - an instant magical dessert!

Now that I was able to taste the cookie butter spread, I have two words that will best describe it - creamy and addictive! Lotus Biscoff really means it when it says "Creamy" on the label. Golly, the creaminess made the texture diabolically fantastic that makes you want more of it! As for the taste, it was equally good as compared to the Trader Joe's Speculoos, but because of the creaminess the taste was highlighted more. This made me realize that I got more hooked with the Lotus Biscoff than the Speculoos!

I got really addicted to eat that there were times that I just get a spoonful of the cookie butter goodness and eat it by itself. It was really THAT good!

Where to purchase Lotus Biscoff Cookie Spread?

We got ours online via the Taste Central Website at only P325 per jar. Right now, I am guessing that Lotus Biscoff isn't as widely available as the Speculoos, so it may be difficult to find alternative sources elsewhere other than the said website. Don't worry, Taste Central is affiliated with Deal Grocer which may provide you with a peace of mind as you transact.

Oh, one important thing you need to note is that Taste Central charges a delivery fee of P100 (yes, they will deliver it within 3 business days of successful payment right on your doorstep). Luckily, ours was waived which I assume was due to the reason that we reached more than P1,000 for the bill.

Disclaimer: I can't verify whether the threshold is indeed P1,000 or if they really have a policy to waive the delivery fee. I'm thinking that we had our delivery charge removed due to a system glitch (or possibly promo), but it's not safe to assume that you'll have yours waived too.

Update 8/13/13: I found some Biscoff in the Landmark Supermarket, and they are selling it at a slightly higher price of P340.

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  1. I think you can find it at Healthy Options! They're the ones importing this product.

  2. I've seen Lotus Biscoff Spreads and also biscuits in most leading supermarkets here in the Phils! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing that information Gen! I'm actually craving for the spread now. :'(


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