THE SULTRY CHEF'S Roast Beef in Foodgasm 3

This is one of the 21 food businesses that participated in the Foodgasm III - Triple the Flavor!
The Sultry Chef
The Sultry Chef
Among the non-desserts that I was able to try in the Foodgasm event, this particular dish was the ultimate downer for me. 

The Sultry Chef's Roast Beef
Golly, I tried it, but it wasn't in any way delicious as it claims it to be. The taste was bland to okay (leaning more towards okay); however, the presentation and quality needs to be kicked in the arse to beef up the overall quality. Anyway, to worsen things up and to my disappointment, I was given a huge portion of tendon. I know it was just a tasting event, but they should have still given their best.

Up Close: The Sultry Chef's Roast Beef
Of course, this mess was definitely passable, since it was difficult to preserve the freshness and temperature of the roast beef during an event like Foodgasm. In fact, I am positive that if it was cooked and served right away, my opinion on the taste would go on a full-speed reverse. However, no matter how I hate to admit it, I wasn't neither impressed nor happy (at the least) with this food entry.

Nevertheless, to verify thing out, I am absolutely willing to try it out again soon! Hopefully, my experience would force me to take back everything I said here. If not, well, it's not going to be my problem anymore. *wink wink*

The Sultry Chef
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