The KAMAMESHI HOUSE Japanese Cuisine in Zobel Roxas St.

Just this week, I and some of my usual lunch buddies decided to try something new. Taking Robie's suggestion, we ended up in Kamameshi House. This place is just a short drive away from DLSU Taft, which will just probably take you 5-10 minutes depending on the traffic condition.

To help you out in easily identifying the restaurant, just in case you want to check out the place yourself, here's a photo:
The New Kamameshi House - Japanese Cuisine Zobel Roxas
The New Kamameshi House - Japanese Cuisine
It's quite an irony that the place is called "New' Kamameshi House when in fact it looks somehow the opposite from the outside. It may be difficult for you to spot the place because the business signs are not prominently seen.

The Place 
Interior of Kamameshi House
The interior of Kamameshi House - Casual and Home-like
Things change a bit when you go inside the Kamameshi House, and you will no longer be able to associate what you'll see from the outside. Considerably, the place still looks plain and simple but more than decent enough to enjoy the atmosphere.

The photo on the right shows to us the main dining area, but I find it more suitable for dating or couple dining.

Luckily, Kamameshi House has a second floor which looks like this:

Kamameshi House Japanese Restaurant
Kamameshi's Dining Area found on the 2nd floor
Since we were 8 in the group, it would have been very difficult to fit in the tables located on the ground floor. However, we didn't have to do that because the 2nd level is more spacious and suitable for us and for family or friendly dinning, in general.

The Food Trip Buddies

Let me just share with you a photo of my friends whom I had lunch with. 
DLSU Food Trip Buddies in Kamameshi
The Foodie Buddies - JD, Car, Robie, Keshia, Pam, Marnie and Myles
I've you've been reading this blog months ago, you will notice that these are the same persons I've had food trips with. If you want to read more about those, you may check 2 of the food trips we've had.
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The Food 

Well, let's proceed with the dishes shall we?
Drief Fish (Dilis) and Monggo Bean Sprouts (Toge) of Kamameshi House
Free small snack as you wait - dried fish and monggo bean sprouts
Upon ordering, the waiter provided us with this complimentary snack. It was a dried fish (commonly known as dilis here) with a small serving of the monggo bean sprouts or "toge". I appreciated this snack because eating the dried fish was nostalgic. It has been a long time since I had those, and I was able to recall good memories of my childhood because of that. 

Salmon Sashimi || P415
Salmon Sashimi of Kamameshi House
The Thief of the Day - Salmon Sashimi of Kamameshi House
I am a huge fan of Salmon Sashimi, and in fact this is my ultimate favorite! Although the price made us reluctant in ordering this dish, we still decided to give it a try (thinking that the serving will be nice). However, to our surprise, it was the contrary. See how petty the serving was c,onsidering the price? Now, I suggest that if you are craving for some sashimi, try Nihonbashi Tei's selection. The salmon sashimi there only costs P280 (similar or even better serving).

Spicy Tuna Maki || P246
The Spicy Tuna Maki of Kamameshi House
Drowning in spiciness - Spicy Tuna Maki of Kamameshi
Next one up was something Robie ordered - the Spicy Tuna Maki. Luckily, Robie was so generous he let me taste one of the makis. Hmmmm, Kamameshi House wasn't joking it was indeed spicy, but not excessively so. However, the spiciness seemed to drown out all the other flavors, unless that's how it should have really tasted. Now, I can't help but compare the dish with that of Nihonbashite's Spicy Toro Maki (P200) which was better in 3 angles - price, serving and taste!

Ebi Tempura - 6 pcs || P402
Tempura of the Kamameshi House
The famous Japanese Delight - Tempura
I wasn't the one who ordered this, so I can't comment much on the taste. However, I asked for Keshi and Pam's opinions on the dish, and they said it wasn't that superb. In fact, they mentioned that it wasn't as fresh as it was supposed to be, which I have to agree with because the shrimps on the Kamameshi I ordered wasn't fresh as well. 

Yakitori (P65) and Tebasaki (P77)
Yakitori and Chicken Wings (Tebasaki) of Kamameshi House
Elusive Yakitori and Chicken Wings (Tebasaki)
Here's two of the orders, I wasn't able to taste as well, but what I can note on these are the prices. Among all those we've ordered, these are somewhat affordable that gives justice to the value of your money. Well, as for the taste, I didn't get any negative comments on them. In fact, I heard from Car and Robie that they enjoyed the Yakitori.

Ebi Kamameshi (Shrimp Rice) || P182
Shrimp Rice (Ebi Kamameshi) of the Kamameshi House
Photogenic hottie but a traitor - Ebi Kamameshi!
For the main event (yes, we considered this the "main thing", since this was what we really came for), we had the Kamameshis. Everyone else ordered the Chicken Rice except me, since I ordered this Shrimp Rice (which soon after I needed to regret). I got pretty excited when I saw the waiter bringing these babies closer, because it was served in an unconventional way (which perhaps was the authentic Japanese way). In short, I highly appreciated the neat and adorable presentation! Sadly, everything just stopped there, and I felt betrayed.

The rice was totally a downer. Yes, it was sticky (a sign of great quality for the rice) but the overall taste was bland. In short, the Ebi Kamameshi lacked flavor in itself and hence may not stand alone. The only good thing about this if you ordered other dishes that pairs up well with rice. With that, you can focus more on the taste of those dishes, since the rice won't have much effect on the taste. 

You know why you should avoid this? Well, they will just place the shrimp on top of the rice and presto - Ebi Kamameshi! This is why, I suggest that you pick the Tori Kamameshi (Chicken Rice) over the Shrimp rice for two reasons - taste and effort! 

Tori Kamameshi (Chicken Rice) || P150
Chicken Kamameshi of The Kamameshi House
Best Selling Chicken Kamameshi of The Kamameshi House
The taste of this Chicken Kamameshi wasn't too far from the one I had; however, this one was definitely better. In fact, this one can stand alone relative to the Ebi Kamameshi.

Kamameshi House in a Nutshell and Rating Overview
(Ratings apply for the dishes we ordered an 
this experience alone)
Although I exerted a lot of effort in making the photos look nice (hopefully, I succeeded on this), it didn't mean that I enjoyed what I had.

Basically, this lunch was more like a photography session/training than a dining experience. As you can see by the ratings, I wasn't able to enjoy much of the food. Well, maybe I ordered the wrong dishes, since I still didn't find anything impressive among all those that we've tried that day. Nevertheless, considering the price we paid, I don't think it's worth visiting this place. The choice is still yours, but this was certainly a big disappointment for me. 

Hopefully, you'll click the share button below this post. I am so proud of the photos as well as the edits, so it will mean a lot if others will get a chance to see them. Thanks a lot!

Kamameshi House Japanese Cuisine
5787 Zobel Roxas St.
Barangay Palanan, Makati City
Store Hours: Lunch || 10:30 am - 2:30 pm
                     Dinner || 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
                     Open Daily
Service Charge: 10% before VAT

Menu and Prices:

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