MONSTER BUTTER'S Spoonable Cookies || A Speculoos Alternative

This is one of the 21 food businesses that participated in the Foodgasm III - Triple the Flavor!
Monster Butter - Spoonable Cookies!
Monster Butter - Spoonable Cookies!
Want some sweet comfort food that you can eat on its own, or use as a spread? Then, Monster Butter is for you!

Cookie Flavor || P200
Monster Butter - Cookie Flavored Spread
Monster Butter - Cookie Flavored Spread
When I first had my taste of Speculoos Cookie Butter spread, I immediately fell in love. However, we can't always be together because it's too expensive to be with Speculoos.

Luckily, I found something in Foodgasm 3 that can temporarily replace Speculoos. It's no other than Monster Butter!

Speculoos? Well, no this is Monster Butter Cookie Spread!
Speculoos? Well, no this is Monster Butter Cookie Spread!
Monster Butter's Cookie Flavored Spread is almost identical with Speculoos, but only has some issues in its Texture Department. It was considerably rough that may take some enjoyment away. Nevertheless, I'm willing to purchase some of these because of its affordability! In short, it's definitely a must-try and a good alternative for the expensive Speculoos Cookie Butter spread.

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Cookies and Milk Flavor || P220
Monster Butter's Cookies and Milk Spread
Pure goodness in a container - Monster Butter's Cookies and Milk Spread!
If you are not fond of the cookie butter flavor, you may want to indulge in something chocolaty. Try some of the cookies and milk spread of Monster Butter!

Cookie and Milk Spread of Monster Butter
Cookie and Milk Spread of Monster Butter!
I had the same issue with this spread in terms of the texture, but aside from that, I found this flavor sweeter than what I can reasonably tolerate. Hence, I still prefer the previous one.

Don't worry, if you have a prominent sweet tooth, you will definitely be impressed with what this sweet treat can offer!

Monster Butter
Contact No.: +639156483957
Facebook Page: Monster Butter

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