CHOCO ATBP'S Triple Dark Choco Tablea Fudge Bars

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Tsokolate ng Sindikato de Cacao

If you are an ultimate chocolate lover, then you stumbled upon a great blog post! Don't worry, if you are a food enthusiast trying to explore unique and interesting taste adventure, then this may also be worthy of your attention!

Choco ATBP is a local store specializing on chocolate-based delicacies! It has a good variety of offerings ranging from chocolate paste (known as the Tsokolate of Sindikato de Cacao) to multi-flavored bars!
Choco ATBP: Tsoko Sili Square and Triple Dark Chocolate
Various chocolate offerings such as Tsoko Sili Square and Triple Dark Chocolate

Choco ATBP: The batirol in action - creating chocolate barsChocolate connoisseur of the Choco ATBP happily crafting the chocolate bars

I was lucky enough to witness how the chocolate connoisseur of Choco ATBP crafts the chocolate tablea fudge bars from the mere melted chocolates! See how happy and proud he was in baking the magical bars?

This passion is translated into great baking and crafting technique which will be given proof by the texture and overall quality of the products such as these chocolate fudge or brownie bars.

Triple Dark Chocolate Tablea Fudge Bar || P60 per piece
Choco ATBP - Triple Dark Chocolate Tablea Fudge Bar
Ultimate choco goodness from Choco ATBP - Dark Chocolate Brownie Bars
Although these brownie bars are characterized by overwhelming sweetness, the kick of a potent bitter sweet cocoa is distinctly present. Hence, if you are longing for that kind of goodness, these bars are definitely for you! 

However, if you are looking for something new, why not try the Tsoko Sili Bars? Note only does it provide the same blissful experience, but also gives you a different sensational taste coming from the spiciness of the sili-infusion!

Signature Tsokolate ng Sindikato de Cacao with the batirol:
Signature Tsokolate ng Sindikato de Cacao with the batirolThe owner and chocolate connoisseur of the Choco ATBP

The chocolate bars assumed to be made from the Tsokolate ng Sindikato de Cacao (P550 for 500g or P300 for 250g) which is a pure and finely ground chocolate paste made from Philippine grown and processed cacao. The photo on the left shows us the said product which may be made into Filipino Chocolate drink aside from cooking and/or baking. This Tsokolate ng Sindikato de Cacao also contains no sugar, milk or any additives or extenders.

For more information about the price and other offers, check out the Menu below. 

Choco ATBP
Contact No.: +639088949598
Menu (Offerings), Details and Prices
Choco ATBP Product Offerings and Prices

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