Belgian Chocolate Bites of TWISTED DESSERTS

This is one of the 21 food businesses that participated in the Foodgasm III - Triple the Flavor!

Like I've said, there were a lot of food entries in Foodgasm 3 under desserts category, and because my taste buds seemed to somehow give up on me, it became difficult for me to point out which was better than which. 

Right now, I'm still in the quest of finding the best brownie in town. Although in Taft Avenue, I seemed to find a good contender - Exile on Main Street's Y Tu Mama Brownie, I still am searching for good ones. Now, in this blog post, we'll see whether Twisted Desserts was able to give a good impression and may qualify for the best brownie in town.  

Note: Sorry about the photos. The lighting wasn't good, and I am still not used to shoot under this setting. 

A Little Something about Twisted Desserts
Twisted Desserts is all about bringing delectable, innovative and fun dessert experience not only to the palate but also in the way of eating it. Its goal is to bring something new to the table as often as it can to cater to all the "sweet tooth" out there.
Twisted Desserts - Belgian Chocolate Brownies
Twisted Desserts - Belgian Chocolate Brownies

What was served in the Foodgasm event was this Belgian Chocolate Bites (P170):
Unadulterated moist brownies made with real Belgian chocolate
Belgian Chocolate Bites of Twisted Desserts
Chocolaty Brownies of Twisted Desserts
These Belgian Chocolate Bites are definitely a must-try for chocolate lovers! They contain pure and heavenly chocolate goodness that will surely melt your heart out! What I particularly loved about this entry was the moist and soft texture that made it majestic. Plus, the amount of sugar was just fine letting you indulge on the chocolate rather than sweetness itself.

With this, I believe that this may not be the one I am looking for (unless if my sense of taste was indeed impaired from the sweetness-overdose I had during the Foodgasm 3 event). Nevertheless, I recommend you to try them out because it still has a lot of potential!

Other offerings and prices:
  • Mr. Grey || P90 - Premium Earl Grey tea infused cheesecake in handy and convenient cups
  • Oh'riffic || P90

Twisted Desserts
Facebook: Twisted Desserts

This is part of my Foodgasm III Collection! You may check out all the other interesting dishes by clicking on the Foodgasm III Collection banner!

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  1. At one point, I tried making sweet desserts that were inspired by a finger food catering that I tried. It was a lot of fun and a bit challenging. This is why I love how your blog gave me another way to challenge myself to try making new sets of desserts.


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