Woo Galbi Korean Modern Restaurant in EDSA Shangri-La Mall

Woo Galbi Korean House in Edsa Shangri-La Mall Woo Galbi Korean Restaurant in Edsa Shangri-La Mall

Woo Galbi is a restaurant serving up modern Korean cuisine that "pursues authenticity through flavors". It is located in the 6th Floor, East Wing of Edsa Shangri-La Mall. In this blog post, we will unravel the goodness (or possibly the opposite) of the dishes it offers.

The Place 

First, let us briefly talk about the place itself. Since Woo Galbi is located in the East Wing of the mall (which is highly modernized and luxurious), it is expected that the interior will be attractive and grand to be at par with the design of the wing. Without disappointing us, Woo Galbi was able to cope up with the high expectations. My only concern was the lack of free space. Although I am not claustrophobic, it made me feel uneasy and not fully comfortable.

Interior of the Woo Galbi Korean Restaurant
Interior of the Woo Galbi Korean Restaurant

The Food 

Korean Appetizers in Woo Galbi
Free Appetizers in Woo Galbi - 6 Variants!
Although the serving size is small for the free appetizers, you can request for more! We actually had 3 sets for our appetizers because we were very hungry by the time we arrive at the place (i.e. already 1:05 pm). From the 6 choices, my favorites are the sweet potatoes and dilis (small dried fish).

Woo's House Salad || P125 for Solo || P180 for Sharing
Mesclun greens served with apples, onion dressing and wonton crisps
Woo's House Salad of Woo Galbi
Woo's House Salad
I didn't taste this one because I want to save my lettuce appetite for the grilled dishes. The only comment I can give is that it's affordable enough for you to try it out!

Futomaki Contemporary Rolls || P237  
A giant roll filled with crabmeat, tamago, kampyo, avocado, cucumber & pickles
The Superb Futomaki Rolls of Woo Galbi
The Superb Futomaki Rolls of Woo Galbi
These Futomaki rolls were purely fantastic, and may in fact be the best I've ever had so far! All the ingredients blend well producing a fresh, memorable, potent flavor!

Woo Specials - Grilled Beef Belly || P405  
Woo Galbi's Grilled Beef Belly
Woo Specials - Grilled Beef Belly
This Woo Special Grilled Beef Belly will remind you of a samgyupsal. The distinct difference is that it offers a sweeter and more flavorful taste, and because of this, you may no longer find the need to dip the meat to the sauces served. Of course, this one pairs up really well with a lettuce!

Japcahe || P298
Stir-fried glass noodles with beef, pork and veggies
Japchae Noodles of Woo Galbi
I was so busy tasting other dishes that I neglected this semi-sweet Japchae! To be honest with you, I intentionally ignored this because I don't find Japchae appetizing for me.

Sam Gyup Sal or Samgyupsal... Our version || P310
Woo Galbi's Version of Samgyupsal
Sam Gyup Sal... Our version - Sweetened Version
This is definitely a unique version of Samgyupsal because I myself was surprised that this is how they redefined it! It was like an extraordinary infusion of Filipino lechon and Korean samgyupsal. I said this because it features the excellent crisp of lechon (from the pork skin) and juicy taste of samgyupsal (from the meat). Wrap the meat with some lettuce, and it will bring you to paradise as your lips and the meal touch.

Woo Galbi... Our version || P605 - Partially Recommended!
Grilled sous vide shortribs
Woo Galbi... Our Version Shortribs
Awesome and amazing (but expensive) Woo Galbi Shortribs
This is definitely a fantastic, if not divine, dish that will surely lead you to a foodgasm! It features a very tender meat bursting with flavors and further enhanced by the special sauce! Words may not be enough to describe this amazing dish! However, the only unattractive thing about this dish is the price, of course! Considering the amount of serving, this Woo Galbi is, without no doubt, expensive!

Sam Gyup Sal or Samgyupsal... Traditional || P265 - Not recommended!
Samgyupsal (Traditional) of Woo Galbi
Samgyupsal (Traditional) of Woo Galbi
Curious about the difference between the traditional and Woo Galbi's own version of samgyupsal, I ordered this dish. To my surprise, it was oilier than what I expected by a huge margin! I may even say that it was bathing in oil without any exaggeration! Fortunately the taste was also great, but I still recommend their own version!

There you have it - Woo Galbi! If you'll ask me if I recommend it, well I'll tell to you yes (for you to try it out), but as a place that you'll frequently visit, hmmm, I may hesitate.

PS: The service definitely needs to improve in terms of order accuracy, product knowledge and speed.

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Woo Galbi Korean House
6/F East Wing
EDSA Shangri-La Mall
Shaw Blvd, Wack Wack Mandaluyong
Contact No.: (02) 655-0558

Place:  ★★
Price:  ★★
Note about the rating: These scores are based on this experience alone and the food that I had during this time. 

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  1. I was thinking about trying this but there are authentic Korean restos in the area na mas mura. :)

    1. Yun nga eh. It was really expensive, but undeniably excellent (in terms of taste)! But I'm sure that are some restaurants out there that offer the same goodness, but at a cheaper price. :)

  2. Expensive para sa akin sobra hihihihi

    1. Hahaha! We got some vouchers from deal grocer actually. :)


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