Fine Dining in TOSCA Italian Restaurant || Dusit Thani Hotel

The Dusit Thani's Tosca - Italian Restaurant
The Dusit Thani's Tosca on the Mezzanine 

Brief Story

My brother and sister (fraternal twins) celebrated their birthday in Dusit Thani's Tosca - an Italian Cuisine Restaurant. Prior to that, all of us got excited because we would be able to taste authentic Italian dishes once more. Upon reaching the place, I got hyped up and immediately took a photo of the entrance (shown above).

Anyway, in this blog post, we will explore more about the place and the dishes!

The Place 

Generally, I don't find dimly lit places attractive, so I got a little uneasy when we entered Tosca. I know dim lights should have made the ambiance classy and cozy, but I didn't feel much that way. Many may find this odd, but that's how I felt.

Another reason why I dislike dim lights is the effect on my shots. When I get bad shots, I tend to be discouraged writing the entire blog post about the food and the places I took photos of.

Tosca's Table Setting - Dusit Thani HotelManager and Staff in Tosca being Hands-On

The Food 

Just a few minutes after we settled down, we were immediately offered a service bread that came up with three dips or sauces: olive oil with balsamic vinegar, pesto and tomato salsa. 
Tosca's Service Bread with 3 Options to Pair
Service bread with 3 options to pair it up with
The bread was fine but wasn't fascinating enough to leave us begging for more.

Here's a photo of the complimentary drink we each had. It was given free for two reasons: (1) we were celebrating a birthday; (2) and my parents have a Dusit Thani Hotel and Dining Card.
Complimentary Sparkling Wine from Tosca
Complimentary Sparkling Wine from Tosca
Alright, I shall now present to you the dishes we had. Brace yourself for some photogenic dishes!

Frittomisto || P735
Tosca's Frittomisto (Fried Mixed Seafood)
Tosca's Frittomisto (Fried Mixed Seafood)
At first glance, this dish may look ordinary. However, as soon as you indulge yourself with it, you will notice the extraordinary preparation evidenced by the perfect texture of the mixed seafood. It could have been more perfect if not because of the fact that it was outrageously overpriced! The amount of serving made it even more so.

Polipo alla Sarda (Cooked Octopus) || P450  
Tosca's Famous Polipo alla Sarda (Cooked Octopus)
Tosca's Famous Polipo alla Sarda (Cooked Octopus) 
This Polipo all Sarda was something I found specially unique, since it was my first time to enjoy something like it. The octopus meat resembled the taste and texture of squid, but this one was lovelier in both ways. I highly recommend this because of the superb preparation and presentation

Melanze Saporite (Eggplant Dish) || P220
Tosca's Melanze Saporite (Eggplant Dish)
Potent flavors from this eggplant dish!
They were really not kidding! When I searched up what "saporite" is, I found out that it means "tasty". This may explain why the flavors from this eggplant dish were extremely potent. However, I am not used to strong flavors, which  made me not much appreciate this dish. Anyway, the source of high potency was the vinegrette which drowned down all the other flavors.

Risotto Nero (Venetian Black Rice) || P460  
Tosca's Risotto Nero (Venetian Black Rice with Squid Ink)
Risotto Nero (Venetian Black Rice with Squid Ink)
Another fantastic dish was this Risotto Nero known as the Venetian Black Rice. It featured a refreshing taste of seafood, heightened by the enjoyable presentation and texture.

Among all the dishes I had this night, this Risotto was the best and most unique! However, this is not recommended for dates or any events wherein you need to present something because the color may stain your mouth and teeth. You wouldn't want to drive their attention towards your mouth right?

Tosca's Baked Lasagna || P533
Tosca's Baked Lasagna - Dusit Thani
Tosca's Lackluster Baked Lasagna
This Baked Lasagna was good, but definitely not the best I had because it tasted like your typical lasagna. However, that was just my initial response on my first bite. Upon my second and succeeding bites (wherein I internalized and focused on it), I realized the lasagna was great in its overall. Well, as for the taste, it may still be not the best I ever had. This is why despite all these, the baked lasagna wasn't able to pass the threshold for "Recommended" status.

Pizza Quatro Formaggi and Pizza Prosciutto || P487
Tosca's Four Cheese Pizza and Prosciutto Pizza
Tosca's Pizza: Half is Good - Half is not as Good
I'm a big fan of pizzas, so I always expect a lot from dishes like this. Since we requested 2 toppings, we were able to have the Four Cheese and Prosciutto.I appreciated the four cheese but not the prosciutto. I felt things didn't jive up pretty well with the latter.

There you all go - dishes we had from Tosca!

Luckily, I was able to get a snapshot of the head chef! "Thanks for the fine dinner we had, Sir!"
Head Chef of Dusit Thani's Tosca
The Head Chef of Dusit Thani's Tosca
Tosca In a Nutshell
I will not deny that I had a fine time in Tosca, but I still have to admit that not all dishes were commendable. Also, you won't be happy of the prices, especially if you don't have a discount/privilege card to cut down the costs.

Now, the question is: Is it recommendable? Well, I said this to other restaurants already, but I recommended Tosca only for you to try, but not something to frequent to. I still believe there are better and more wallet-friendly Italian restaurants out there!

Mezzanine, Dusit Thani Hotel
Ayala Center, Makati
Reservation No.: (02) 867-3333 ext. 3310
Service Charge: 10% before VAT

Place:  ★★
Price: ★★☆ (not unless you have a discount card, like we did)
Note about the rating: These scores are based on this experience alone and the food that I had during this time. 

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