WAWAY's Restaurant Buffet in Legazpi City

Lunch Buffet in Waway's Restaurant
Lunch Buffet in Waway's Restaurant
In Legazpi, mini-buffets are really popular wherein you will pay only around P250. The downside of this, however, is that you are faced with limited varieties. Waway's Restaurant is one of those restaurants that offer a mini-buffet, and we were able to try it out during our Legazpi Adventure.
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There was a sufficient number of appetizers to choose from which I very much appreciated. However, I found them somehow plain.
Interesting Vegetable Appetizers

Filipino Fried Veggies of Waway's
Filipino Fried Veggies

Vegetable Appetizers in Waway's Restaurant
Veggie Appetizers

The Main Dishes

There were no less than 12 varieties of dishes for the main course. Freeing the blogger in me, I decided to note them down, so here are the dishes available when we visited Waway's Restaurant: Bopis, Pancit Guisado, Bicol Express, Laing, Gulay na Malunggay, Sauteed Beans, Beef Kare Kare, Green Peas with Quail Eggs, Fish Escabeche, Pusit Guisado and Dinuguan.

Famous Bicol Express of Waway's
The Famous Bicol Express of Legazpi
The photo above shows the famous Bicol Express. However, I didn't dare to taste it because my friends mentioned that it was too spicy, which I may not be able to tolerate well. If you love spicy food, you will definitely find this enjoyable because some of my friends did, so I am considering this as a must-try.

Laing of Waway's Buffet
Veggie Dish: Laing
Aside from Bicol Express, Bicol where Legazpi is situated is famous for the pinangat or laing.

Bopis of Waway's Restaurant
A Filipino Specialty: Bopis
One of the dishes I highly appreciated was the Bopis because of the playful flavors.

Pusit Guisado of Waway's Restaurant
Pusit Guisado
Waway's Pork Dinuguan
Waway's Pork Dinuguan
Beef Kare-Kare of Waway's Restaurant
The Not-So-Awesome Beef Kare-Kare
I got excited when I saw that Waway was offering Beef Kare-Kare because it is my all-time favorite among Filipino dishes! Too bad I got pretty disappointed with this one. It was tasteless even you put Bagoong. It was probably the most unsatisfactory Kare-Kare I ever tasted.

Waway's Grilled Chicken
Grilled Chicken
Grilled Liempo
Between the two grilled dishes, I prefer their Liempo because of its juiciness, unlike the chicken which I found somewhat dry.

Lechon in Waway's Restaurant


Another source of disappointment was the lack of desserts selection. Will you believe that this is the one thing they got?
Limited desserts in Waway's Buffet
Limited desserts in Waway's Buffet
Block 12 in Waway's Restaurant, Legazpi
Block 12 in Waway's Restaurant, Legazpi
Photo Source: Nathaniel Chan


Drinks are not free. You will need to pay up additional P30 for bottomless drinks, and you can choose between iced tea, orange juice and coffee.
Bottomless Drinks in Waway's Restaurant
Add P30 for bottomless drinks
If you want an affordable mini lunch buffet you may want to check Waway's Restaurant. However, do not keep your hopes extremely high. Otherwise, you might get disappointed. 

To bright things up and to conclude the blog post as well, here are the top 3 dishes I recommend for you to try when you visit Waway's: (1) Bopis; (2) Bicol Express and (3) Grilled Liempo

Place:  (very casual looking)
Service: No sufficient basis 
Overall Experience: 
Note about the rating: These scores are based on this experience alone, 
as well as the food that I had during this time. 

Home of Seafood and Native Dishes
Bonot, Legazpi City
Albay, Bicol
Contact No.: (052) 480-8415

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  1. Very much filipino ang mga food at base sa review mo parang ndi ka na satisfied...

    1. Haha! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Filipino dishes. Siguro, I really had high expectations, but I really love the Bopis and Grilled Liempo though. :)


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