ALBAY PILINUT Food Souvenir Shop Since 1936 in Legazpi

Albay Pilinut: Food Souvenir Shop in Legazpi
It has been a tradition that when we go out on a vacation, we buy souvenirs for ourselves and, of course, for our families and/or friends. This often times create a bit of a hassle because you don't know what to purchase and where to purchase them. Luckily, in Legazpi, there is one popular place for food souvenirs - Albay Pilinut Store.  According to my friends who are from Legazpi, this store is one of the top choices when it comes to purchasing affordable yet tasty delicacies.

The Store

There isn't anything fancy about the Albay Pilinut Store itself, since it just looks like a home with shelves and products. What's somehow interesting about it, however, is that it resembles an ancestral house bringing back the old Filipino architectural feel. 

Choose among a wide range of food souvenir products in Albay Pilinut
Choose among a wide range of food souvenir products in Albay Pilinut
As soon as you enter, you will be seeing a lot of products to choose from ranging from Filipino dishes in a jar to the famous pilinuts.

Albay Pilinut - Filipino Cuisine in a Jar
Other specialties - Filipino dishes in a jar


Prices: P70 for 10 pcs || P80 for 85g || P250 for 230g (as of June 2013)
Aside from the Mayon Volcano, Legazpi, or Bicol in general, is famous for the pilinut - a unique type of nut that is so tasty and crunchy. In Albay Pilinut, you are given a lot of varieties to choose form such as crispy pil with honey, pili butternuts (my favorite), salted pili, sugarcoated pili and more! 
Pilinut collection in Albay Pilinut Store
Pilinut collection in Albay Pilinut Store
Here are more photos of the amazing pilinuts:
Pilinut Collection in Albay Pilinut Candy Shop
More variants of the Pilinut which come in different sizes

Polvoron and Mazapan de Pili

Prices: P70 for Polvoron || P80 (80g) and P150 (160g) for Mazapan de Pili

Polvoron de Pili, Mazapan de Pili and Pili Butternut of Albay Pilinut
Polvoron de Pili, Mazapan de Pili and Pili Butternut of Albay Pilinut
I don't highly recommend the polvoron because it was just plain, and the flavor of the pilinuts were negligible. Although I enjoyed it, I was still looking for something else in its taste which is probably the taste of milk (since it does not contain any).

Mazapan is a confection made of ground pilinuts mixed with egg whites, sugar and milk
For the Mazapan, I was completely surprised because I know from my previous experience that I didn't like how it tasted. The texture was uniquely rough due to the crushed pilinuts, and even if the texture was like that, it still is highly enjoyable because they managed to make it soft enough to find delight in.

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Albay Pilinut - Food Souvenir Shop
873 Rizal St., Old Albay District
Legaspi City, Albay, Albay

Contact No.: (052) 481 1161
Store Hours: 7:00am - 7:00pm (M-Sa)
                      8:00am - 6:00pm (Su)

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