1ST COLONIAL GRILL - Home of Sili Ice Cream in Legazpi

The First Colonial Grill in Legazpi City
The 1st Colonial Grill in Legazpi City
The 1st Colonial Grill became famous due to the unique dishes they offer, especially the famous Sili Ice Cream. This unique dessert dish garnered some awards and was featured quite a number of times already in magazines, TV and more! Luckily, we were able to try dining in this restaurant when we visited Legazpi for a block vacation. Anyway, I'll make this post quicker by immediately proceeding with the food.

The Food 

Presented below are some of the dishes we had, when we visited the place. 

Note about the Prices
Since we were again treated by my block mate's family, I wasn't able to take note of the prices. However, I tried checking online, and found a menu back in 2012. I used these prices, but they may not be that accurate now (i.e. if they changed their prices). 

For our appetizer, we had this Sweet Meat Quesadilla (P70):
Quesadillas of 1st Colonial Grill
Appetizer: Quesadillas of 1st Colonial Grill
This quesadilla tasted like the typical ones we have - cheesy, tomatoey and tasty! What's notable about this dish is the price, but that's only if I got it right.

Tinapa Fried Rice at P199:
Fried rice with tinapa flakes, salted egg matched with tomatoes and manggang hilaw
Signature Tinapa Fried Rice of 1st Colonial Grill
Signature Tinapa Fried Rice of 1st Colonial Grill
This Tinapa Fried Rice is one of those dishes 1st Colonial Grill is well-known for. It looks vibrant in the photo, and the great thing is it is just as awesome when you taste it! Also, what I particularly love about this is its authenticity as a Filipino dish, that you'll surely notice.

Buko Chopseuy (P179)
Best selling Buko Chopseuy of Colonial Grill
Best selling Buko Chopseuy of Colonial Grill
Another unique dish of 1st Colonial Grill is the Buko Chopseuy. The taste of ordinary chopseuy is there, but it was made more exciting with the buko (coconut meat). The ingredients are fresh, so you'll really appreciate this vegetable dish. Also, since it was my first time to have something like it, I found it really delightful.

Pork Sisig (P185):
Sisig in 1st Colonial Grill in Legazpi
A Filipino Favorite: Sisig
This Pork Sisig tastes like the usual ones we enjoy; however, what I think is different is the subtle crunchiness of the sisig. 
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Grilled Mussels (P195):
Seafood Goodness: Grilled Mussels (Tahong)
Seafood Goodness: Grilled Mussels (Tahong)
I am huge fan of Seafood, so I was able to appreciate this one, although I was able to note that it had some issues with the texture - perhaps it was overcooked. Anyway, this dish features grilled mussels topped with cheese, garlic bits and spring onion.

Crispy na Pata (P525):
Crispy Pata of 1st Colonial Grill
The Vibrant Crispy Pata
First off, I would say that this dish is rather expensive; however, considering the huge serving and good proportion of meat, it becomes somewhat okay to order. As for the taste, well, I can't seem to differentiate it with other crispy pata I had. Nevertheless, it was good.

Now, let's proceed with the main event - the dessert! This is what actually made them famous, so I expected a lot from it. Anyway, here you go: Homemade Ice Cream (P79) of 1st Colonial Grill:
3 scoops choice of the following flavors - sili, malunggay, pili and tinutong
Sili Ice Cream of 1st Colonial Grill
The famous Sili Ice Cream, with the other two homemade ice cream - Pili and Tinutong!
The Sili ice cream was sweet and the spiciness was just an aftertaste. The Tinutong flavor was also unique, since it captured the burnt rice taste.Among the three, my favorite is the Pili flavor, even if there was no uniqueness about the taste as compared with the other two. Overall, the ice cream was able to meet my expectations, or maybe topped it a bit. Thumbs-up for this dish!

Alright, there you have it! The 1st Colonial Grill Restaurant! I know it is popular and often never fails to be part of the to-visits of every tourist, but after eating there, I understood the reason why.

Recommended for you to try:
  • Buko Chopseuy (P179)
  • Tinapa Fried Rice (P199)
  • Homemade Ice Cream (P79)

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1st Colonial Grill
1/F Pacific Mall, F. Imperial St. 
Cor. Circumferential Rd. 
Legazpi City, Albay
Contact No.: (52) 481 1213

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    1. Haha! Nakakatuwa nga. At first, I was hesitant to try it, but for the sake of exploration, I gave it a try. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It really is exciting! You'll love it michymichymoo! :)


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