Gelato and Macarons in BAR DOLCI in Burgos Circle

Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle
Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle
This is the 4th and last stop out of 4 restaurants/food places we visited for our first ever food trip in Makati and BGC.

What else would make a food trip complete? 

After indulging in various cuisines (Japanese, Spanish and Italian-PastaRoni), we immediately headed for some desserts. We had two options during that time: Sweet Bella and Bar Dolci. I was looking forward to enjoy a cake, and so I pushed for the first one, but sadly it was closed (indicated by the signage, although there were people inside). Hence, we ended up in a gelato store - Bar Dolci!
Gelato Varieties of Bar Dolci
Gelato Varieties of Bar Dolci

Macaron Selections in Bar Dolci
Macaron Selection of Bar Dolci

Macaron Selections in Bar Dolci
Some more Macaron Selection!

The Gelato Experience

I had a hard time picking a flavor for my galato because there was a good range of varieties to choose from. Good thing Bar Dolci also allows customers to pick two flavors regardless of the size. Since I am a chocolate lover, I picked Dark Chocolate and Ferrero.

Small Gelato Cup (P120):
Ferrero and Dark Chocolate Gelato by Bar Dolci
Ferrero and Dark Chocolate Gelato by Bar Dolci 
Undeniably I enjoyed the flavors and the creaminess of the gelato, but it seemed like I chose the wrong combination. Since both were chocolate-based, it became difficult for me to differentiate the two (especially when it started to melt and blend). As a result, the excitement of variety vanished. That time, I learned a lesson. Do not choose flavors that are almost similar.

If you want a good combination, you may want to try Raspberry and Salted Caramel. My friend Troy Palanca had that one. 

Bar Dolci: Life is Sweet Raspberry and Salted Caramel Gelato by Bar Dolci

The Place

What I particularly loved about Bar Dolci was the place itself. If you would go up to the second floor, you will see tables, chairs and sofas perfect for hang-outs, chit-chats and whatever! It was quiet and peaceful upstairs (except some usual chatters) ideal for reading, writing, studying or other activities needing concentration. They also offer free WiFi if you may ask.
The Comfortable Sofas in Bar Dolci
The Comfortable Sofas in Bar Dolci
We just stayed in the place for about an hour talking about the entire food trip. It was indeed fantastic! I love the semi-unique experience we had for this somewhere-in-between food trip!
Renz Cheng in BarDolci
This ends up my blog post as well as the entire Makati-BGC Food Trip series! I hope you enjoyed coursing through the 4 foods stops we've been to. Share your own recommendations or comments by commenting below!


If you are a gelato lover, you will definitely enjoy Bar Dolci. On the other hand, if you are just an ordinary ice cream lover  like me, who doesn't know the primary difference between an ice cream and a gelato when it comes to taste (and sometimes even texture), you may not fully appreciate it because you may slightly feel that the value of your money is not being maximized. However, without regard to the price, I would say that this is recommendable!

Bar Dolci Menu and Prices:
Bar Dolci Menu and Prices

Bar Dolci
Burgos Circle
F133 Forbestown Rd.
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact No.: (02) 846-8245

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  1. Awesome pictures Renz! I knew I got the best combination! Haha! Can't wait to go back to this place to chill, the gelato looks so good! :D

    1. Thanks Troy! Haha! Even if I want to contradict that, I can't, since mine wasn't a good combination. :))


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