CRUMPY SPREAD: Creamy, Chocolaty and Nutty Goodness

Crumpy Package from Fly Ace Corp!
Crumpy Package from Fly Ace Corp!

One fine day, I received a package from Fly Ace Corp containing two bottles of Crumpy spread (i.e. 1 was Crumpy Choco while the other one was Crumpy Nut). It came a long with it a nice message telling me to enjoy them and share it as well. I got pretty excited to open it up!

What is Crumpy Spread?

Crumpy is a Premium Belgian spread brand produced by one of the leading companies in Europe specializing in chocolate products. Contrary to what we know, Crumpy does not only offer the all-time favorite chocolate spread but also other variants like Crumpy Duo (chocolate and hazelnut) and Crumpy Nut. In addition, all variants are available in 225g and 400g sizes depending on your needs!

Crumpy Choco and Crumpy Nut Belgian Spread
Crumpy Choco and Crumpy Nut

Since I was too eager to try them out, by the time I took photos. I hurriedly got some bread, put it on top and voila! I had my instant yet amazing merienda!

Instant Delicious Snack: Crumpy Nut on Bread
Instant Delicious Snack: Crumpy Nut on Bread

Crumpy Nut - the Choco-Hazelnut Spread
I wasn't aware that there is a Crumpy Nut which is the hazelnut version of the Chocolate Spread. Most people compare the Crumpy Choco with Nutella whereas the one should be compared is Crumpy Nut, and
although the sweetness was "an inch more than enough", it has the distinct and remarkable taste of hazelnut that make you want more of it!

It was nostalgic because back when I was a teenager, my mom used to bring home Crumpy, and I just realized this upon seeing the container and tasting the chocolate goodness!

Crumpy Nut vs Crumpy Choco

  • The Crumpy Choco features ultimate and pure chocolate goodness! It is thicker in comparison with the Crumpy Nut. 
  • The Crumpy Nut is slightly lighter in color comparing it with the Choco one. 
  • The Crumpy Nut spread is creamier (which is something I appreciate) and has a more unique taste brought by the hazelnut.

More about the Crumpy Nut
I totally love this choco-hazelnut spread because the taste was honest - nothing but pure sweetness and love stored in a adorable glass container.

The creamy texture of the chocolate was highly remarkable as it gives a melt in your mouth sensation. The choco-hazelnut spread goes all the way done in a smooth and suave way. Having this said, I believe Crumpy is perfect for making doughnuts or other pastries especially that it crystallizes pretty well when you put it in an oven.

What are you waiting for? Try this great Belgian treats to sweeten up your day! You will enjoy this as a spread or as an ingredient for pastries & cakes. You may even enjoy it on its own!

The Product Line of Crumpy known as the Crumpy Family!

Crumpy: Belgian Chocolate Spreads
The Happy Crumpy Family - Belgian Chocolate Spreads!

Disclosure: The Crumpy were received for free sent via package mail from Fly Ace Corp.

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