POTATO GIANT in Agno Street - Home of the Famous Mojos

Potato Giant, also known as the "Home of the famous Mojos in Taft", has been in AGNO even before I entered DLSU as a frosh. Priced at P35 before and P40 now, the Mojos made it to the top choices of Lasallians for snacks. However, that was over a year ago! Now, there is a new favorite, and that is the Mozarrella Pockets!

Note: I will update this blog post as soon as I get to take some photos of their other products

Potato Giant: Home of the Famous Mojos in Agno Street
Potato Giant: Home of the Famous Mojos in Agno Street
I will no longer keep you waiting and present the Mozzarella Pockets valued at P49
Mozzarella Pockets in Potato Giant, Agno
Mozzarella Pockets in Potato Giant, Agno
Closer Look: Mozzarella Packets with Bacon and Spinach

One order includes 5 pieces of mozzarella pockets plus a free dip of your choice (e.g. spinach dip, honey mustard, garlic mayo and more). Some may consider this slightly expensive, so you may also opt to just have the Mojos at P35 which is also inclusive of a dip.

Anyway, since I am a cheese-lover, I was able to indulge myself with the flavor of the pockets. However, on the side note, this snack is considered to be high in cholesterol because of the deep-frying involved. Dig in to a guilty pleasure!

Agno St., Malate Manila,
Metro Manila, Philippines

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