If you are looking for a different variety of dishes around Taft, Caric's Republic will be there to save the day! It offers wide choices among 5 categories namely: Sizzling Favorites, Seafood, Poultry, Pork and Beef! Just see it yourself (through the help of the photo below)! You may also see the prices of each of the specific dish through the same photo. 

Caric's Republic Menu and Prices - AGNO
Caric's Republic Menu and Prices - AGNO
In this blog post, I'll be featuring three dishes (but I'll add more when I get the opportunity to do so) namely, Chicken Melt, Sizzling Tofu and Chicken Asiago. 

The first one is my personal favorite: Chicken Melt at P75
Chicken Melt of Caric's Republic in Agno
Chicken Melt of Caric's Republic in Agno
Served with an ample portion of chicken, this dish features a thick, creamy and cheesy flavor marked with an adequate hint of sweetness. If you can't get enough of the sauce, you may want to add more of the famous "Cheese Sauce" for free. In fact, students usually pour some sauce on top of the rice because of the interesting taste of the sauce. 

If you are vegan or just feeling the need to eat something a bit healthy, then you may opt to have the Sizzling Tofu at P55:
Sizzling Tofu of Caric's Republic in Agno
Awesome Sizzling Tofu of Caric's Republic in Agno
Cooked in a gravy-like sauce, this Sizzling Tofu is highlighted by a mildly salty savory taste balanced by the cheese sauce on top. However, I'm not a big fan of this dish because of the texture of the Tofu which I deem slightly rough. My friends, on the other hand, contested this and said that they really love everything about it. Thus, I give you the responsibility to find it out yourself! 

PS: Don't order this if you are entirely famished because this dish may not be so sufficient to satisfy your hunger. On the contrary, this is perfect for those who are counting calories. 

Now, here's something new and exiting from Caric's Republic: Chicken Asiago at P85!
Chicken Asiago of Caric's Republic in Agno
Exciting Chicken Asiago of Caric's Republic in Agno
Bursting with potent and exciting flavors, this Chicken Asiago resembles the Chicken Melt, but only better! The sauce which is infused with herbs and spices, is loaded with creaminess, controlled spiciness and awesomeness that makes the entire chicken dish exciting! This Chicken Asiago became an instant favorite the moment I savored the unique play of flavors.

Well, that wraps up this blog post! Check out the other food stops around DLSU by clicking on the button below!

Special thanks to Pam Chua and Mika Aurelio for letting me use their phones to take the photos! 

Chicken Melt (P75)
General's Chicken (P75)
Chicken Asiago (P85)

Agno St., Malate Manila,
Metro Manila, Philippines

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  1. I soooo miss eating along Agno! I don't think I'm familiar with Caric's though, but I'll make sure to try it and their Chicken Asiago when i'm in the area :)

    1. Yup, hmmm, I think when I entered school, Caric's was already there, but I'm not so sure. Anyway, yup, it felt great being able to taste something a little bit different. :)


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