MEATBALL FACTORY in Archer's Place

Brace yourselves! Posts on DLSU food scene are coming! 

Now that I have the time to blog, I will write all those that I have pended for a while. Majority of these posts are about the food stores near DLSU. I already started posting some of them (e.g. Crazy Katsu, ICHIRO, etc.).  Now I will share about The Meatball Factory in Archer's Place. 

I will keep this post simple yet sweet. 
The Meatball Factory in Archer's Place
The Meatball Factory in Archer's Place
During MOD terms, we are always dismissed at 12:30pm. This is why last term, we got loads of lunch times together! It somehow became a mini-tradition for us to try different stores once in a while during lunch. And so, when we saw that the Meatball Factory was open, albeit still a soft opening, we grabbed the opportunity to try something new.

And while waiting for our orders, we decided to take some photos! Here's a snapshot us (with 2 of my lunch buddies):
Lunch buddies: Mika and JD!
Frankly, we were really too eager to try something new (and of course, something good). That's why when our orders came up, we were stunned. Take a look at this snapshot of Chicken Meatball Spaghetti at P89.

Chicken Meatball Spaghetti of the Meatball Factory
Chicken Meatball Spaghetti of the Meatball Factory 
I tried finding great angles to make this one look good even just in photo, but it was so difficult! Now, you may ask that perhaps the taste was not that bad as it looked. Yes, you are right, it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that good either. It tasted like an artificial spaghetti perhaps this was attributable to the fact that everything was prepared beforehand - the noodles and the sauce were just re-heated and served unappealingly in a container.

Am I saying that you shouldn't try eating here? Not exactly. All I'm saying that you won't find something special when you dine here. So, if that's not an issue, then try it as you may. :)

The Meatball Factory
2/F Archer's Place
Taft Avenue, Manila

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  1. Interesting place. It's still on soft opening so baka they'll adjust the ingredients pa. :)

  2. I hope so, Mich! Because, if they won't, they may be out of business soon. :)


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