Bagnet 8065 - Home of Sinful Bagnet in Taft, Manila

It always feels great being able to explore the food scene near our school. There are a lot of great restaurants and/or food stores, somewhere around the corner, just waiting to be spotted and be dined in at. 

Since I am already on my fourth year (going fifth), I felt the need to get most out of my stay in DLSU. And this means being able to try a lot of food stores around, including those that I haven't been to and those that I just simply miss. In line with that, here's one of those restaurants that I just missed - Bagnet 8065!
Bagnet 8065 in Leon Guinto
Bagnet 8065 is also near Burgundy just like Exile
To those who do not have an idea of where this place is, it's just easy to find! Here's a map to help you out:
Map to Bagnet 8065
Map to Bagnet 8065
Bagnet 8065 is just two or 3 establishments away from the Burgundy Condominium. If you'll take a look at the first photo, it's exactly beside the PrintAds Solutions. I'm sure you'll find no trouble locating the place.
Bagnet 8065 near DLSU Taft
Feel-at-home concept and ambiance in Bagnet 8065

What I like about Bagnet 8065 is that it just feels really casual. This is why a lot of people choose to hang out here either to just chat or to have some happy hour. Let me show to you their menu:
Bagnet 8065 Menu
Bagnet 8065 Menu
Check out the prices! They are not that expensive, right? Yeah, and in order to maximize your money's worth, choose the Bagnet meals. Prices of these meals range from P105-P115, and they include a cup of rice, the bagnet and the house soup (Note: Don't expect much on the soup, okay?).

Since I really love Kare-Kare so much, I decided to have a Bagnet Kare-Kare. (Yes, I highly recommend that you try this one as well, when you have the chance to try this resto).  Here's my order (Bagnet Kare-Kare at P115):
Bagnet Kare-Kare of Bagnet 8065
Yummy: Bagnet Kare-Kare of Bagnet 8065
The order came up after about 10 minutes and because I'm super hungry, I immediately took a snapshot and started feasting on this awesome dish! I was so much delighted because the taste of Kare-Kare was distinct but not too overpowering. And I loved how it blended well with the bagnet. Another thing that I also enjoyed was that the dish had a generous serving of the lean meat. Of course, you'll have to deal with the fatty portions, but those are definitely part of the adventure.

Variations: Bagnet Original at P105
Bagnet Original at P105 in Bagnet 8065
Bagnet Original at P105 in Bagnet 8065

Bagnet Binagoongan at P110
Bagnet Binagoongan in Bagnet 8065
Bagnet Binagoongan in Bagnet 8065

To summarize the story, I entered Bagnet 8065 hungry, and I left the place not just full but very delighted as well. Can't get enough of Bagnet? Why not try it on a paella? Check out the Bagnet Paella of Flavor Ave.

Caution: This is not a heart-healthy dish, but definitely a source of guilty pleasure. 

Bagnet 8065
Leon Guinto St. Brgy. 727, Malate, Manila
Tel No.: (02) 516-7890

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